twenty thirteen in review

2013 was a big year around these parts! I thought it would be fun to take a look back at everything that we had going here is our year in review!

January was a good month celebrating the engagement of a friendgetting LASIK, and celebrating C's 30th birthday in Fredericksburg, TX.

February started off with a visit from Mark & Maria to take engagement pictures (she's a rock star!), then we ran the Hot Chocolate 15k, and my sweet friends threw me a wedding shower just before celebrating my birthday with a visit from my sister.

March was slightly less busy but I did managed to set a 17 minute PR at the Dallas Rock 'n Roll Half Marathon (my 2nd half!) and my cousin, Meagan, came for a visit!

April included a trip back to CT for our wedding shower and a visit to Yale. We also attempted to eat Paleo and had a blast at Collin & Jenna's wedding.

May was the month for quitting our jobs and jet-setting around the world. We raced in a triathlon the morning before we left for London! I sold the mini cooper and C had his bachelor party in Austin, TX.

June kicked off with another triathlon, a half ironman for C and the start of our move to New Haven, CT, and the countdown to the wedding.

July was wedding month - I posted pictures here and here and honeymoon pictures here!

August slowed things down a bit for us as C geared up to start class at Yale's School of Management. With C at class all day, I had plenty of time to bond with my blog a bit (talk about tongue twister!).

September brought great news as I landed a job at Teach For America and I also got a chance to go back to Dallas for Katie & Jay's wedding.

October included an impromptu trip to Nantucket to see my sister as well as an apple picking adventure.

November marked one year since C proposed, a trip to the Poconos with Lizzie (first time shooting a gun!),  a Turkey Trot 5k, and a great Thanksgiving in Baltimore.

December ended the year on a high note with our first Christmas tree, some new bangs, a trip to NYC, and Christmas in Westport and Baltimore.

I've also had a lot of time to think about how this blog fits into my life going forward. You've probably noticed the decline in posts to some extent. Here's the thing...I love that this acts as a virtual journal and it's fun to look back on all the things I was doing/thinking at different points. But I'm struggling with the way the blog-o-sphere has blown up. My blog does not earn income and I don't curate my posts or have any sponsors. It's simply a fun side project and a way to share fun things I discover or do. So with that being said, I'm still not sure the direction going forward. Maybe I'll just make it a friends/family only space...?

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