monday musings.

>> See ya November! I'm definitely ready to welcome December especially because we got a real Christmas tree (which is so pretty despite the extreme hassle of our situation...) and because I've already stuffed, stamped, and sealed all our Christmas cards. 

>> Thanksgiving was wonderful and full of...well, thanks! I worked from Baltimore on Tuesday, saw Hunger Games, visited our proposal site, ran the Turkey Trot, ate turkey, ate pie, drank wine, sat by the fire, and just generally enjoyed myself.

>> Cyber Monday is super overwhelming for me because I love a good deal but I also sometimes feel the need to buy myself everything on my wishlist because it's on sale. Whew. I did score a few great items today that I'm pretty pumped about. 

>> I've been a reading machine lately and I have a few book reviews to get posted. I'm currently reading Me Before You and I'm really enjoying it. I read the last Divergent Series book - Allegiant. Ugh, not that awesome. But I did love the new Hunger Games movie - spoiler alert: so did C! 

>> It's finally Party Mix season which means I was officially allowed to make some this year now that the secret family recipe has been "revealed" to me. One batch barely got us through Thanksgiving. There will be more. 

>> I'm obsessed with Cameron Diaz's hair in The Holiday. Does mine look like that? I might be going in for a trim with this picture in hand to get a it shaped little more like hers. 

>> I just got this primer from Birchbox (with a coupon and points!) and I'm looking forward to testing it out. I've been a loyal subscriber for more than 2 years now and I definitely think it's worth it. Also, it makes an amazing gift for the "girl/guy who has it all"!

>> C has his school formal on Friday evening and I'm looking forward to getting dressed up and doing a little dancing. I'm planning to wear this peplum dress (a classic) and a fun statement necklace. Funny how the dresses we used to wear for college formals were slightly more...revealing. 

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