{featured friday} running blogs.

{featured friday} running blogs.


I’m rolling out a new bi-weekly post series called {featured friday}! I feel like I’m constantly discovering new, amazing blogs and wanting other people to love them too! I’m going to share some of my favorites each week! I hope you fall in love with these amazing bloggers too!

This week I’m featuring a bunch of new running blogs I just discovered. There are SO many running/fitness blogs out there but honestly, a lot of them are pretty poorly designed and not that much fun to read. I’m really digging these four ladies because their blogs are beautiful and exciting to read. I always learn something new - did you know rUnladylike eats Swedish Fish on her long runs? Mile Posts and Run Gia Run make time for marathons while juggling multiple kids! And who doesn’t love a runner with a margarita addiction? That’s someone I can get behind. I’m hooked! Give ‘em a read and show them some love!

Do you have any favorite running blogs that I should know about?
so about that race in nine days.

so about that race in nine days.


My race is next Sunday. That’s 9 days away. Why do these things always sneak up on me? It’s like I train, and train, and train and then BAM! out of now where, it’s race day.

Let’s not pretend like I’m some triathlon expert here, this is only my third race…and it’s just a sprint triathlon. But after two very different races, I think I’ve learned some pretty great things about preparing for race day.

> Start hydrating. Obviously you can’t hydrate your body in one day so I’ve found, that for me at least, I need to start thinking about how much water I’m drinking at least a week in advance. Especially when it’s hot hot hot.

> Figure out what I’m going to wear. I’ve still yet to find the perfect racing outfit but I’ll live. It’s not like I’m doing an Ironman or anything. For this race, I’m planning on wearing my Lululemon Velo Vixen Short in Black which I’ve already tested out in the water. I’ll probably wear my Blue Seventy tri tank as well.

> Decide if I’ll wear my hair in a ponytail or french braid. Ok, this is obviously ridiculous but I can’t STAND having my hair bothering me in a race. There’s no time to be fixing/worrying about your hair! And mine at that weird length where it’s just short enough to be a pain. So yea. Part of my routine is figuring out what the heck to do with my hair.

> Focus my training. This isn’t really something I think much about - I try to just follow whatever schedule my coach gives me. The best part of having a coach is not having to think!

> Mentally psych myself up. I’m still a newbie in the triathlon world so I still get nervous about “surviving” the race. I’m always slightly scared I’ll drown, pass out, crash, hyperventilate…you know, the really common stuff. Let’s all be realistic here, I’m not going to win. I’m probably not going to place (unless there are only 3 girls in my age group…) so I should really just be having run.

> Pick out some yummy gels. I like to try new ones all the time. Sometimes I get a chance to try them before a race, sometimes I don’t. I like to live on the edge.

Are there specific things you do to prepare for a race? Are some of them silly? Superstitions? Lucky hair ties? Weird things you eat for fuel? Share them with me! I’d love to hear all your tips and tricks!
monday musings.

monday musings.


1. This past week proved to be rough one. Because of a inconsistent schedule and general laziness, I completed a whopping 3 workouts this week out of the scheduled 9…

2. So now I’m feeling all guilty about missing my workouts so I promptly make myself a little bowl of single serve cookie dough…

3. Which, in turn, I feel terrible about eating and now feel even worse about missing my workouts. It’s a vicious cycle.

4. I vow to be more productive this week not only at work but also in completing my workouts. You heard it here folks!

5. I haven’t bought actual groceries in like…three weeks. We’re living on pasta, cereal and take out. I’m weirdly really ok with it.

6. BUT I did a record breaking 8 loads of laundry yesterday that included all the sheets and towels and even the blankets from the couch. Score. That counts as at least half a workout, right?

7. I still want literally everything at Lululemon. Everything. Someone please buy me a gift card.

8. I have officially been named godmother to the most adorable little mini goldendoodle puppy. Because everyone knows the role of aunt/uncle/godparent/grandparent is better than being the actual parent most of the time. Get ready to be showered in gifts little Duncan!

9. The Emmy’s? More awkward than entertaining. I’m convinced Julie Bowen’s dress would make an amazing wedding dress in white. I mean she’s stunning but can you imagine if it was white? Just saying.

the stuff on my fave part II

the stuff on my fave part II


I feel like it’s time for an update since I last posted about the stuff on my face. I was reading my cyber-blogger-friend’s post about her make-up faves and I realized I was due for an update since a few things have changed.

Stuff I’m Still Using:

I’m still loving Bobbi Brown’s Tinted Eye Brightener except that every time I run out, I cringe because that tiny tube is so dang expensive. By alas, I can’t live without it. I mean that stupid tube only holds 0.05 oz and it costs $38. But I guess you can’t put a price on magic.

I’m also still loving on my NARS Laguna Bronzer. I mean, it just works. All year round. Why mess with perfection?

I still use that Clinique Touch Base for Eyes as a primer but I’m not really loving it lately. It seems to have dried out on me. I did like the fact that it acted as primer and I could get away with wearing it like a shadow.

New Stuff:

When Bobbi got on the BB Cream bandwagon, I was pumped. I immediately went out and got a sample of her new BB Cream. Her Oil-Free Tinted Moisturizer was a previous favorite but it was still leaving my skin oily by 2pm. Even though the BB Cream has more sunscreen in it, it somehow manages to BETTER control oil. Yea, don’t ask me how that works but I’m officially loving it.

While browsing the counters at Nordstrom one weekend, I easily got talked into a new mascara and eyeliner. I’m a huge fan of gel liner (in navy blue preferably) and I was hooked on my Bobbi Brown Gel Liner pot but I was noticing that it had started to dry up (granted I think I’ve had it for a year…). The cutest make-up artist at the Trish McEvoy counter got me hooked on this gel liner pencil(but she applys it with a brush which is what I now do). The color is intense and it stays in place all day without fading. Love. I’m also digging the Trish McEvoy Volumizing Mascara. Comes off in little tubes! No more raccoon eyes!

Ok so this isn’t make-up but it might as well be. It’s essentially a good 8-hours of sleep in a tube disguised as Kiehl’s Eye Alert. Just buy some and trust me.

Stuff On My Wishlist:

I’ve been using NARS Orgasmand this Bobbi Blush in Pale Pink for a long while now. I’m in a blush rut. I really loved this coral-y color from Benefit but don’t feel like buying it again and I’m on the market for something like it. Suggestions? Something likethis one maybe? Or maybe I should just get that palette over there that has Orgasm and Laguna already in it. Simple.

I have a weird obsession with lipstick. Which is kind of silly because it never lasts more than 30 minutes and you can’t kiss anyone with it on. I bought this Bobbi lipstick in Blondie Pink and hated it. Then liked it. Then hated it. Now I love it. It’s a process. I wear it to work and feel very grown-up. I’m also really into Matte lipsticks. Gloss be-gone. These NARS pencils are insane. I have the Dragon Girl and it NEVER COMES OFF. EVER. Red lips forever. I need more colors. Like neon pink. Yes.

Any other stuff out there that I should try? I’m an easy sell.


This is where it all began 4 months ago...

workout. earn cash. get rich.

workout. earn cash. get rich.


That is how I imagined these apps would work. While this isn’t a “get rich quick” scheme, there is definitely motivation behind getting rewards or cash for working out.

(Disclaimer: I have LOTS to say about all of this so you might find this to be one of my more lengthy posts. Stick with me. It’s worth it. You’ll get rich.)

I specifically want to tell you about 3 apps/websites. In order to do that, however, I need to tell you about two additional websites (with accompanying apps).

I’m exhausted already….where do we begin?

Tracking workouts.

There have to be at least 3 dozen different apps you can use to track your workouts. They are typically GPS based apps you can use while running/cycling outside that calculate you pace, distance, mileage etc. Yes, that means taking you iPhone with you on a run or ride. However, many of these apps such as Strava andRunKeeper (the only two I’ve used so far…) allow you to upload data from your GPS training watch such as a Garmin. Handy. That eliminates the need to carry your iPhone on a workout. Check.

Ok so now we’re tracking our workouts. Super. It’s really neat to see all the data, usually mapped out on a calendar with cumulative statistics that show how many miles you’ve logged in a week or month. You can set and analyze personal goals such as fastest 5k or longest ride. Neat!

Additionally, these apps sync with social media so you can brag about your 6 min/mile and interact with friends/teammates to see how they’re doing with their half marathon training. (There’s also a privacy option for those of us stuck in kindergarten with an aversion to sharing.)



"25. Write something every day. Doesn't matter if it’s a bitch-fest against your roommate or the philosophical ponderings brought on by an episode of Breaking Bad. Write a review of everything you encounter: sandwiches, intersections, elevator music. Realize that no matter your stature, about 1% of what you write will ever be seen by anyone but you."

--30 Things You Should Do Right Now



I was in 8th grade. I heard about a plane crash. I was confused. Mom picked us up from school. My cousin had a meeting in NYC. I could see the smoke from the beach in Connecticut. We didn’t have school for several days. Friends lost parents. Everyone was scared. Lives were lost. Heros were made. Lives were saved. History was made. Freedom prevails.

My friends are teaching their elementary school students about this day. Many of them weren’t born yet….

always remember. never forget.
monday musings.

monday musings.


1. I literally cannot resist Lululemon items when they go on sale. Even if it’s like $4 off…I just convince myself that I have to have it. This is slowly becoming an issue. I’m not going to be able to afford food.

2. So C is living it up working his butt off in Australia right now…We FaceTime’d this morning and he was just going to bed (it was 10:30pm on Monday night there) and I was just waking up…so weird. It’s like he’s living in the future!

3. Anxiously awaiting his return on Thursday so we can head to MD for his BFFs wedding! #worldtraveler

4. Then after the wedding, there will be a new furry roommate…

5. Holy amazing weather!! This weekend was glorious. I headed out to the lake on Saturday morning at 7am for our weekly Open Water Swim practice. It was 61 degrees! And I actually thought I was freezing. The water in the lake was significantly warmer than the air.

6. However, it was SOOOOO windy! There were actually whitecaps on the lake which made for pretty treacherous swimming and biking. The cooler temps and warm sunshine definitely made up for it though. Definitely felt like the best brick workout yet.

7. WHY is this mascara so amazing? The most adorable make-up artist at the Trish McEvoy counter at Nordstrom convinced me I had to have it. She convinced me I needed this eyeliner (in Arabian Nights) which I’m also now obsessed with as well. She also has the most adorable blog.

8. Oh compression socks/sleeves…why do I love you so?

9. I magically woke up at 7:30am on Sunday. Checked the weather. 59 degrees. I promptly jumped out of bed and had one of the best runs ever. (They’ll be even more fun with our furry friend…)

10. We’re dating.
C, are you going to kill me for posting this?

monday musings.

monday musings.


1. I feel like the last week/weekend has been SUCH a whirlwind…

2. We spent Labor Day weekend in Austin. C was at triathlon camp and I spent a lot of time lounging. I even managed to get in a sunburn…and a workout.

3. It is becoming apparent to me that the majority of people on the road have NO idea how to drive. That number multiplies as soon as someone gets on the phone. Oy.

4. While in Austin, we finally made it to Homeslice for some delish pizza despite the crowds. We obviously stopped at Amy’s afterwards.

5. HOLY HOT! It was close to 7000 degrees in Austin. So much for a “cooler” September…

6. SUPER excited about my new DSLR lens (Nikon 55-200mm VR). I’ve tested one out before and loved it so I finally took the plunge and purchased one on eBay. It arrived at work today! Only wish I could have had it in Austin to take pics of Monday’s race!

7. My small group (aka Bible study) is starting a new book this week that I’m actually VERY excited about - Searching for God Knows What by Donald Miller (author of Blue Like Jazz which I have yet to read).

8. I’m also currently crushing on cookbooks. While I love compiling my own filled with recipes I’ve found all over the universe, there is something to be said for an “old-fashioned” cookbook filled with stunning foodtography. What are you favorite cookbooks?

9. One of my favorite bloggers just came out with this book, White Jacket Required, which is half auto-biography, half cookbook. MUST PURCHASE.

10. I may or may not have had a friend ask me if I would go engagement ring shopping with her. I find this to be an incredibly appropriate event. Have you ever done this?

11. Are red jeans still “in”? I’m about to buy some.

12. In the next few weeks, a new (furry) roommate will be moving in…?
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