monday musings.

monday musings.


1. I had another successful club workout on Saturday - bike/run workout. I’m not usually loving it while I’m doing it, but afterwards, I’m always so glad I got my butt to the workout and gave it my best.

2. My friends Sarah and Andrew are having a baby! I attended their navy&white, beach themed shower this weekend and it was really perfect. I gave them a stack of all the best children’s books that I picked out at Half Price Books. I thought it was sweet that the books had been well-loved by many children before Baby Beard. I really hope he/she enjoys them!

3. Otherwise, the weekend was filled with errands and a sweet date night at Mi Cocina.

4. I’m considering taking up stationary making! I love writing notes to friends on cute custom stationary versus hunting down the perfect Hallmark card (C’s specialty). I found out that you can purchase blank notecards from Paper Source for $5 for a pack of 25! All I need is an embossing gun and to start my stamp collection!

5. Sally and Roger were adorable on Mad Men last night…well until she caught Roger with Meagan’s mom…awkward. Does she even know what that is? I wonder if she’ll tattle.

6. Mr. Don Draper himself plays Ted in Bridesmaids…I didn’t realize that until we re-watched it this weekend. It’s strange to see Don (Jon Hamm) in such a different role.

7. Have you heard of this new show, VEEP? It’s a show about the Vice President (VEEP) Selina Meyer played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus. We started watching it (it comes on right after Game of Thrones) and it’s pretty funny. The lines are quick and sharp and I really do love Julia’s character.

8. And yes…I’m still attempting to catch up with Game of Thrones but it doesn’t really help that I’m always multi-tasking while trying to watch it….

9. If you think my little sister should start a blog when she graduates, leave a comment!
{triathlon training} week 3

{triathlon training} week 3


So week three is coming to an end. As of today, its 37 days until race day. Training is still fun but this week had a few hiccups which is definitely discouraging. Hoping week 4 goes a little better.

Monday - 1hr weights — This time I hit up the C’s gym instead which was deserted and I had a much easier time completing the workout. I added in a few moves of my own to strengthen my core. I also have to admit that I cheated a little and really only did about 30 minutes. Win some, lose some.

Tuesday - Group Swim — We’re now swimming at our usual location (not SMU) and it’s an outdoor pool. C assured me that it was heated and the swim was actually quiet pleasant outside, under the sunset. However, the heater was NOT in effect that night and we. were. freezing. It was probably 73 degrees. Most pools people are in the mid 80s…so we’re talking 10 degrees colder. In fact, I slept in a long sleeve shirt and long pants because I STILL wasn’t warm at 11pm. But the swim itself went well. I definitely feel like my swim fitness is getting better.

Wednesday - 1hr bike — Let’s just say the 30 minutes I did complete didn’t go so well…

Thursday - Group Track — This is the first group track workout where I had to walk. It was hot (90 degrees) and the air was stale. It definitely made for a tough workout and I was struggling. These kinds of workouts are a bit discouraging but everyone says I will adjust to the heat…let’s hope I adjust soon.

Friday - 1hr bike — I’m hoping it’s not as hot today so I’ll be able to get in an enjoyable ride after work.

Saturday - Club Bike/Run — Another club workout with the pros…hopefully I can survive this one!

Sunday - Off! YAY!
great lenghts | part II

great lenghts | part II


Yesterday I whined about how slowly my hair grows. So in the meantime, I’m doing everything I can to take SUPER good care of it so that it grows quickly. I have several products that I love and a few new ones that I’m about to try.

Here are my hair care staples:

SEBASTIAN Shampoo/Conditioner in Drench or Penetraitt (though I’ve tried them all).

A while back, I asked the woman who was cutting my hair to recommend a shampoo/conditioner brand (other than the seemingly exclusive Kerestase) that wouldn’t break the bank but was worth a splurge. I’d tried everything under the sun at Target and had yet to find a favorite, something I wanted to stick with. She turned me on to Sebastian and I never looked back. At $16 each (shampoo/conditioner) it’s not cheap but it lasts forever (at least 2-3 months for an every other day hair washer) and it’s totally worth it.

Rusk w8less Ceramic Hair Dryer $79

I had been using the same $30 Conair hair dryer for the past 5 years when I finally caved and bought this one. I read tons of reviews and this one stood out. It. was. worth it. My hair is so soft and silky after I dry it and I don’t feel like I’m damaging it as much. I hope this dryer lasts me a while.

Nisim FAST Shampoo $18

This might be a total gimmick, but I bought it. This shampoo is supposed to create “maximum length in minimum time”. I’ve only been using it every other day for about 2-3 weeks now so I can’t say I’ve seen any outstanding changes but I’ll stick with it until it’s gone. Worth a try, right? It would probably work better if I used it every day, but I can’t justify blow-drying my hair every day…serious damage.

Oscar Blandi Dry Shampoo $11 (small bottle)

A friend turned me on to this about 3 years ago and it’s been a staple ever since. It lasts FOREVER. I think I’ve had this small bottle for over a year. The tip dispenser lets you add the powder to those extra greasy spots and then you just rub to disperse with your finger tips. It smells amazing too. It’s the only way I could survive washing my hair every other day. (I got a sample of this in my Birchbox though so we’ll have to see how it stacks up.)

I also recently purchased this Sebastian Penetraitt Deep Strengthening and Repair Masque. I keep reading that a deep conditioning treatment will help keep hair healthy and grow longer/faster. I’m giving that a try this week.

I’m also going to test out this Sebastian Whipped Creme (light conditioning style whip). It’s supposed to encourage wave/curl while keeping hair soft, light and shiny. No more crunchy beach waves for me. I’m hoping this is the perfect product for summer air-dry hair.
great lengths | part I

great lengths | part I


I would like my hair to be long now. Please and thank you.

But my hair grows at a snail’s pace and it drives me nuts. I like change just as much as the next girl but I frequently find myself chopping off 7-8 inches of hair and then promptly regretting it the next week.

Why, oh WHY do I do this to myself?

Below I’ve included a handy timeline that documents my hair growth and my irreversible decision to keep cutting it off just as it reaches it’s peak length. You’ll see below that I chopped my hair in 2008 and it wasn’t until July 2011 that it finally got nice and long again (with minimal trimming). Just when I’ve survived the painful years it took to grow it out…there I go again cutting it just mere weeks later.

I have issues.

There have been tears involved.

Considerations of extensions. Vitamins. Treatments.

Then, just when my long, beautiful ponytail reaches the middle of my back, I take a scissor to it and chop it off…

…calmly reminding myself that it’s just hair

…and it will grow back

…in the next millenium.

It’s not that I don’t like my shorter hair, I’m just getting sick of it. It was fun and cute for some time and now it’s just annoying.

So, self, this is your very visible, public reminder to STOP DOING THIS. Two, maybe three…even four inches will suffice. Because inevitably, dear self, you are going to regret it. And in two years when you hair has grown a whole three inches…you’ll be wishing you would have taken this advice.

In the meantime, I’m doing everything I can to “care” for my hair and encourage growing. Check back tomorrow for my hair care favorites.

And no, I’ve never died or highlighted my hair. Yes, I feel blessed…I just wish I was also blessed with speedy hair growth.

monday musings.


1. I made these loaded cookie bar things this weekend. Insane. You need to make them.

2. I also made this pizza dough last week. So easy and it’s even recommended that you make it ahead of time and leave it in the fridge. Perfect for a busy schedule!

3. Did some damage online at the JCrew sale. Retail therapy…is there anything better? Well…maybe those bars in #1.

4. 41 days left until race day. Oh. Man.

5. C coached two more lacrosse games this weekend. I snapped some pics of Sunday’s game. I just really love watching C with those kids. He’s so great with them!

6. I’m about to finish my Provisional Year for Junior League and I just got my placement this weekend. I’ll be completing my 60 hours of volunteer work at the Dallas Zoo! So excited!!

7. Saturday night we ended up restaurant hopping in Bishop Arts - we started with drinks at Bolsa and ended up at Tillmans for dinner (my first time!). Some mix up in the kitchen left us finally eating at 10:15pm but it was worth it. We had the amazing french fry trio, then I had kick-butt ribs and mac&cheese, and then we begged the waiter for a half portion of the D.I.Y. S’Mores. Amazing. It ended up being a really sweet date night.

8. I was on a cleaning kick this weekend when to my dismay, the batteries in my Swiffer Mop decided to give out. Totally killed my cleaning flow. Down the tubes that went.

9. After our group ride on Saturday, I learned all about what to tell C when he’s changing my flat tire…

{triathlon training} week 2

{triathlon training} week 2


Sunday - Off! (Recovering from Saturday’s insane workout…)

Monday - 30 min weights — I don’t belong to a gym. However, The Village (apt complex where I live) does have a “Country Club” with a “gym”. This so called “gym” serves maybe 10-15 different properties! Do you know how many people that is?! And the “gym” is all of 500 sq ft. But, I don’t own any dumb bells or other gym equipment so I didn’t really have a choice when I saw weights on the schedule. So, with my list of exercises to accomplish, I headed for the “gym”. Struggle city. I could barely find a spare piece of floor space to do the exercises. I managed several squats, lunges and calf raises and then attempted to tackle the rest all the while dodging over zealous “muscle men” who thought they were all that. I’m going to have to find another solution for future weights workouts…

Tuesday - Group Swim — The group swim was another success this week. It was tougher than last week as we did more continuous distance but I feel like I’m getting better…which is really all that matters right? I found out that I can swim 100m in 2:10 which I feel pretty good with. Not let’s just hope I can do that 5 times….and actually complete the 500m without drowning.

Wednesday - 45 min Bike (moderate pace) — I wasn’t exactly looking forward to this ride seeing as how I was already feeling the affects of the weights and swim (see Wednesday’s post) but I diligently loaded my bike onto my Mini and headed out the the lake. The ride felt good and I was comfortable keeping up a 15-16 mph pace for about 7 miles (excluding the warm-up).

Thursday - Group Track — I hate running. And guess what, this time at track, I still hated running. But it was a good workout. David gave me the “best pacer” award because I successfully completed 4 back to back 400m in exactly 2:28 minutes. I’m hoping each week to see some improvement and hopefully be able to sustain a 9-9:30 min mile for the entire 5k.

Friday - OFF!! — Thank goodness because I’m due for a break.

Saturday - Group Bike


Training is hard. Today I need an extra cup of coffee. 2 Aleve. A hot shower. Ice packs. But you know what? It feels good. The pain lets me know I’m working hard. The restless nights of sleep let me know that my body is changing, getting stronger. I can SO do this.
monday musings.

monday musings.


1. We had a REALLY intense 4 hour club workout on Saturday. C and I arrived at the lake at 7:45am. It was cloudy and really windy so the waves in the lake were HUGE! It was a really hard swim but I somehow didn’t drown. Then we grabbed our bikes and biked over this dam for about 10 miles that was also SUPER windy. Struggled. Thennnn we got off our bikes and frolicked in the field for some run drills. It’s a miracle that I can still walk. Triathlon…here I come.

2. I bought this shampoo that’s supposed to make your hair grow faster. I’ve used it about 3-4 times now…when I finish the bottle, I’ll let you know the results.

3. Mad Men was really strange again last night. What the heck happened to Betty? We didn’t see her once! I can’t believe Lane beat up Pete and then tried to come on to Joan. Good for Don for keeping his dignity (if only this one time) and avoiding those women. Where is this season going…?

4. Love watching C coach his kiddos. They are going to be so good at lacrosse some day!

5. We made this chicken on Saturday night for dinner with quinoa and broccoli. It was DELISH! So then…we made it again on last night. Addicted. Super easy too! I modified the recipe a little bit by adding a little safflower oil in the pan to bring the burn temp up and I also dusted the chicken with flower, salt, pepper before putting it in the pan. The flour created the perfect crust on the chicken and the brown sugar was the perfect touch. I also pounded the chicken out a little thinner so that it cooked faster on the stove. Last night we made it with roasted sweet potatoes and sugar snap peas. Look at us…being so healthy…cause, we’re training. Duh.

6. But then, I totally reversed my healthy eating habits and made this single-serve ready-to-eat cookie dough. Yea, not a good idea. But of course, I know you want to make it so here’s what I did: 
  • 1 tbsp softened butter
  • 2 tbsp brown sugar
  • 3 tbsp flour
  • 1/4 tsp vanilla extract
  • splash water/milk
  • pinch of salf
  • chocolate chips, as many as you desire.

Basically just mix everything but water/milk and chocolate chips. Mix in enough water/milk until you get the desired consistency. Mix in chocolate chips. (oh then I added some crushed oreos that I had leftover from something else…) Devour and don’t feel guilty.

{triathlon training} week 1

{triathlon training} week 1


Week 1 of training is almost complete! We have a REALLY intense workout tomorrow morning which involved an open water swim, a bike andddd a run! Not entirely sure I’ll still be standing after that.

Here’s a look at how I did this week:

Monday - 30 min run (pshhh easy)

Tuesday - Group Swim — I was nervous for this but I think it went really well! As long as I can work on pacing and practice in open water this weekend, I think the swim will be ok. I think I can swim 25 meters in about 35 seconds (at a moderate pace).

Wednesday - 30 min bike (another pshhh easy…with my new pink bar tape!!)

Thursday - Group Track — Running is my LEAST favorite part of the triathlon. I was nervous for the track workout because I was pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to keep up. We run at 3 paces 80% (a sustainable 5k pace), 90% (a sustainable 2 mile pace), 100% (a sustainable 1-2 lap pace). Yesterday, I was coming in around 2:19 - 2:22 for an 80% pace. I even managed to complete a 400m in 1:54!! Sometimes I surprise myself…

Friday - OFF!

Saturday - The death workout…

51 days left!

The coaches with Playtri have been awesome and they are very encouraging. Thankfully though I’ll have C with me tomorrow at this insane workout…you know…just in case I die. He’s my emergency contact anyway…

monday musings.

monday musings.


1. We had such a blast in Austin this weekend. I’m so glad we did the group bike ride and I’m glad I conquered a fear…even if I did have to fall off a few times (once in the parking lot and once almost dragging C down with me…graceful, I know). C was really supportive and I couldn’t have done it without him. Totally smoked those 20+ miles.

And we’re off!! #austin @ckthoms (Taken with instagram)

2. We went back to our favorite hipster joint in Austin, East Side Show Room. Delish!

3. The whole trip was relaxing and stress free. We didn’t really have a lot of plans which worked out great.

4. Thin walls in the hotel made for 2 restless nights of sleep though as our 35 year-old neighbors decided to party until 5am…keeping everyone awake with them. Ugh.

5. Training officially starts today! What am I getting myself into?!?!?!

6. Have you heard of The 5 Love Languages? Which one are you?

7. Every weekend should be a 3 day weekend….just saying…

8. Baby sister graduates in like 30 days. WHOA! When did she get so grown-up?


So good. Love him @ckthoms #austin  (Taken with instagram)
Austin, TX - East Side Show Room

About to have the best meal and drinks at our favorite hipster place in #austin @ckthoms (Taken with instagram)
Amazing cocktails!
monday musings.

monday musings.


1. Guess what, I worked out. Every. Single. Day. this week. And not a wimpy workout. I ran for 30 minutes, biked for an hour, swam for an hour…I made it happen (with a little of C’s help). I’m pretty dang proud of myself. Just throwing that out there. Triathlon, what?

2. We went to hibachi in Addision this weekend on a random whim. Those places are hilarious.

3. Hunger Games was AWESOME last monday. Loved every second of it.

4. Mad Men warmed up a little bit last night although I kind of felt like I was watching a Mad Men SNL skit in which they made Betty wear a fat suit. It was kinda awkward. And Roger is really on a downward spiral. Poor guy.

4.5. Game of Thrones started last night. I have absolutely no idea what’s going on but I’m watching it with C like the good, supportive GF that I am.

5. We made this Skinny Alfredo pasta last week and it turned out great! (minus the part where I overcooked the chicken and it tasted like rubber…win some, lose some)

6. I also made these brown butter banana bread cookies this weekend. C swears he HATES banana bread and said he would NOT be eating them. He has since consumed at least 10 cookies and says they are one of the best things he’s ever had. Boo-ya.

7. Austin for the long weekend? Eh, we’re still trying to decide.

8. I am NOT ready for Texas summer weather…it’s already starting. Ugh. Heat. Kill me.

9. I should probably start playing a little golf before it starts to be 1000 degrees.

10. I still want a dog.

11. Got some sexy stuff for the tri this weekend at the HUGE SALE at Richardson Bike Mart sale. Score.
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