monday musings.

monday musings.


1. Birthday weekend was a success! Festivities included dinner with friends at Blue Goose, a lovely White Rock bike ride, special swanky dinner at Fearings followed by tickets to the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, Gospel Brunch at the House of Blues and we wrapped the weekend up with a win for C’s middle school lax team. The warm sunny weather was the icing on the cake. We should also talk about this chocolate, caramel, peanut butter dessert we had at Fearings…

Flower display at the Ritz! (Taken with instagram)
Flower display at the Ritz

2. 24 is going to be a GREAT year.

3. Check back soon for some VERY exciting news.

4. I’ve already fallen off my bike. Within the first 0.2 seconds of being on it…C was a great teacher, except for the part where he forgot to tell me how to get off (and out of clips).

5. I de-cluttered my junk drawers and file folders this weekend and took out two trash bags of junk. Always feels so good!

6. I still want a puppy.

7. I think I’m going to like this whole biking thing! Can’t wait to go again this weekend!


Beat the store employees to the mall this morning - staking out JCrew at Starbucks  (Taken with instagram)
Beat the store employees to the mall this morning - staking out JCrew at Starbucks
golden birthday

golden birthday


A person’s Golden or Grand Birthday, also referred to as their “Lucky Birthday”, “Champagne Birthday” or “Star Birthday”, occurs when they turn the age of their birth day

Today I’m posting over at The Urban Slant about my favorites of Copenhagen where my sweet friend Julia is visiting. Thanks for the birthday post surprise Julia and enjoy your trip!

{music} ben rector





hey guys, remember that time I told you that I was saving up to buy a bike? Then remember how I didn’t even ride it? Yea, so then I got a puppy for 24 hours (did I temporarily lose my mind?) and sold the bike to pay for the puppy. Not one of my finest moments…I’ll admit.

But see, C is very athletic, triathlons and all. I can’t keep up with him when we’re running so we shifted our focus to biking! I figured I was ready to give this whole bike riding thing another go. So, over the past few months, we did out research and test road a plethora (love that word) of bikes. My obvious first priority was color. C was looking for technical specifications. I’m very lucky to have his knowledgeable advice. We finally settled on a bike but then hemmed and hawed over whether cycling was right for me. Let’s be honest here people, we know how I feel about…exercise. But, I figured this would be something I would have for a long time and something that C and I could do together!

Last night, I took the plunge and purchased the bike (and helmet and pedals and shoes and gloves…oh and those AWFUL spandex diapers otherwise known as cycling shorts…gross). Now I know this is NOT a sport about fashion, but come on, can’t they make these “shorts” a little more flattering, but that seat is so dang uncomfortable…so I’m sure I’ll be happy I have these spandex diapers.

After I practiced “clipping in” on the trainer, I was measured and fit for the bike. And to my surprise, I was actually told that I looked athletic and that I looked great on the bike! Yay me! Maybe this is my calling?

C and I have plans to hit the road on Saturday and take on White Rock Lake. Please say a little prayer that I don’t crash!

PS. Why does EVERYONE look so dorky in a helmet?

monday musings.


1. It’s President’s Day and even though a good chunk of the world gets this day off and even though the markets are closed….here I sit, at my desk, attempting to do work. Ugh.

2. Needtobreathe was in Dallas. I missed the concert. On Thursday. Oh and also, on Friday. I think I’ve seen them close to 7 times in concert. So bummed I didn’t make it this time.

3. It’s BIRTHDAY WEEK! C says we have a weekend of festivities planned. EEK!

4. I need to choose my Junior League Volunteer placement soon. Cuddle babies in the NICU? Assist with riding lessons for special needs kids? Answer questions for visitors at the Zoo? Help with kids programs at the Museum of Nature and Science? So many great options!

5. I hate running.

6. I ran a 5K this weekend and thought I was going to die.

7. Tennis anyone?

8. Is it possible to just not be cut out for exercising?

9. I want to make these for breakfast, oh and these, and then make this for lunch, and then this for dinner, but we’ll have this for an app, and end with these for dessert.

10. Then I’m going on a diet.
next time

next time


…we’re making dinner at home and exchanging cards. I’ll make some incredibly over the top triple chocolate dessert and C will make some delicious salmon. We’ll read each others cheesy cards and cuddle on the couch watching Mad Men with our favorite Cabernet. Maybe flowers will be involved, maybe not. There will definitely be chocolate, our favorite food group.

While C and I had a super special night last night (dinner, drinks, flowers, cards) it’s true that this Hallmark holiday gets a little out of hand. At the end of the night, I just wanted C to know how lucky I am to have him. I want him to know that every day.

NYC at Christmas
{breckenridge} in pictures

{breckenridge} in pictures


There were huge mountains over there 30 minutes ago (Taken with instagram)
Vail, CO
Taken with instagram
Taken with instagram
Taken with instagram
such a beautiful skication in Breckenridge
{run} day 3

{run} day 3


It was 40 degrees this morning but I bundled up and hit the Katy Trail at 6:15am this morning. Guys…I am NOT a morning person. I stay in bed until the very last second possible and then I practically drag myself into the shower…if only there was a seat in my shower. BUT…6am hasn’t been that hard! I know this probably sounds crazy but it actually feels a little bit…good. I’m not rushed in the morning. I have time for coffee and even breakfast. I get to snuggle C. It’s really actually been kind of nice. (I can’t even believe I’m saying this.)

Do not mistake this for me proclaiming myself as a morning person though. I am still perfectly content sleeping until 10am on the weekends and not removing my PJs until just after noon. Don’t judge. But, this three days a week, 6am thing is starting to grow on me. However, get back to me on Day 10 to see how I feel….

monday musings.

monday musings.


1. The commercials are obviously more fun than game itself. I didn’t get to see all of them, but my favorite one (that I saw) was this.

2. What was with that halftime show? I can’t decide if it was blow-your-mind-amazing or out-of-this-world-ridiculous. Also, you can’t just demand “World Peace” and expect that to fix everything. Valiant effort Madonna.

3. So this ski trip…I totally forgot about the ski lifts. The whole sit in an unsecured swinging metal cage 200 ft above the ground thing is…well…terrifying. Can I use the tow-rope?

4. Last week, I shared a pizza and a bottle of wine with these beautiful (engaged!) ladies. It’s such a blessing to have these amazing, encouraging women in my life.

5. I ran again this morning! 6am never felt so good…dare I say it…I could get used to this.

6. MAD MEN is amazing. We are totally and completely addicted. Don Draper, I would gladly work for you. Betty, why are you becoming such a bitch? Peggy, stop, please stop, wearing your hair in that spiral pony tail and can someone PLEASE brush your bangs! Poor Rachel Menken…you’re never going to get Don to yourself.

7. I cancelled my cable last week. Saving $80 a month. Instead, I got the cables to hook up my computer to my TV so I can watch Hulu. Works like a charm. Between that and Apple TV (which we watch Netflix on) I’m totally set.

8. We showed up to church all ready to go and set with our coffee at…11:30am yesterday…however, church starts at 11am. So we went and had chicken & waffles (which they only serve on Sundays) at Hattie’s instead. Yum!
{run} day 1

{run} day 1


Friday, 6am

64 degrees, light drizzle

Time: 35 minutes

Distance: 3.1 miles

Ok, day 1 down. 20 more days to go to build a habit

I did it! I kicked by butt out of bed, and “ran”. Not very fast and admittedly, there was some walking, but I got my butt out the door! Confession: I felt pretty hard core! I felt even more hardcore when the rain started coming down harder towards the end of my run. I thought “dang, look at me, I’m such a hardcore runner that I’m dedicated enough to run in the rain!”

But honestly, it felt great.



This is probably this 65th blog post I’ve either written or thought about writing…about running. Clearly, me and running have a love/hate relationship. I’ve tried (at irregular intervals) to “get into running”. I’ve run a 5k, signed up for another 5k in Feb, and tried running apps. I just can’t stick with it! I have those cute Lululemon running shorts, snazzy Nike Free running shoes and all the best pump-it-up mixesand yet, I still fail to stick to a consistent running schedule.

Pros of Running:
Good for your heart and general health.
Makes you stronger which in turn makes you look better.
Boosts your metabolism.
Keeps your energy up.
Good excuse to get outside in the fresh air.

Cons of Running:
It’s hard and it hurts.
I haven’t built up a good endurance so my runs feel pathetic.
I get bored/lonely.
It takes a long time to get in a “good workout”.
I don’t have a good running route.

And yet, here I am, resolving to try running…again.This time, I’m shooting for 6am, 3 days a week. I’m putting an incentive structure in place.

If I can stick to this schedule for three weeks….I’m getting a bike. How many days does it take to develop a habit….?
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