{recipe(s)} happy camper

{recipe(s)} happy camper


C is headed to Austin right now for a 4 day triathlon training camp! What may sound like work to others actually sounds pretty fun. In between training sessions, there are lectures on nutrition, strategy, equipment, etc. You basically eat, sleep and breathe triathlon for 4 days. And then, to top it with a cherry, they are racing on Monday!

Obviously, I couldn’t send C down to Austin without a sack full of snacks and treats. Here is what I packed for him.

Peanut Butter Granola Bars
Makes 16 bars

These should probably be called {everything-but-the-kitchen-sink-bars} because I basically throw in whatever I have around. But the base ingredients remain the same.
  • 1 & 3/4 C Rolled Oats
  • 1 C brown rice cereal
  • 3/4 C seeds (I used 1/4 C pumpkin seeds, 1/4 C sunflower seeds, 1/4 C chia seeds)
  • 1/4 C finely ground flax seed
  • 1/3 C raisins(or any dried fruit you like)
  • 1/3 C chocolate chips
  • 1/2 C brown rice syrup (or honey, or maple syrup)
  • 1/3 C creamy peanut butter (preferably not the “all-natural kind”)
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 1/2 tsp cinnamon

Mix all dry ingredients. In a microwave safe bowl, melt peanut butter and syrup until smooth. Stir in vanilla and cinnamon. Pour over dry mix. (If using chocolate chips, freeze them before hand so they do not melt when mixed with warm peanut butter.) Transfer mixture to a foil lined 9x9 pan. Let cool either on counter or fridge. Cut and enjoy!
monday musings.

monday musings.


1. I know last week I was shocked that kids were already back in school but now I’m shocked that it’s almost LABOR DAY! Last week to wear your white pants, people! (Well…expect in Texas. Texas is the exception to everything.)

2. I’m just gonna go ahead and say that this was a pretty good weekend.

3. We had a sleepover with our potential new roommate Friday night. How precious is he!

4. Saturday I had volunteer training at the Zoo for my Junior League placement. Come on down to the Wilds of Africa and meet your newest Savanna Ambassador! I got you covered on all the elephant facts you’d want to know!

5. Now that it’s cooling off slightly at night, it’s much more bearable to be outside. C and I took advantage of the good weather and hiked over to Grimaldi’s for pizza (our favorite place in Dallas) and wine. We were wiped after our meal so we managed to hitch a trolley ride back to our place!

6. Sunday we managed to squeeze in a bike ride before brunch with our favorite couples.

7. I spent the rest of the rainy Sunday at the nail salon getting pampered. I rarely get manicures or pedicures because I usually prefer to just do it myself but every now and then, I could use a few hours of relaxation. I found a new place that I love! They REALLY took their time and did an awesome job. It wasn’t outrageously expensive either! Bonus!

8. C is headed to Austin on Thursday for triathlon camp! I’ll meet him down there on Saturday and then watch him race on Monday!

9. I have SO many good recipes I want to post (if only I could take some decent pictures) - make sure you stay tuned!

10. What are you Labor Day plans? How do you make the most of your last few days of summer?


Amazing how much better a workout feels when it’s 20 degrees cooler… #couldrunforever

monday musings.

monday musings.


1. What? It’s the first day of school?? I can’t believe the class of 2016 at SMU is embarking on four amazing years today. Feels like yesterday I was eating dinner in Umphrey Lee and sweating on my walks from class to class. #college

2. I got some sweet new running kicks this weekend and I’m looking forward to Wednesday’s run. Apparently, it only takes me about 6 months to run through a pair of shoes. Good to know. If you’re in Dallas, hit up Luke’s Locker. The only place to get running shoes.

3. However, Wednesday’s run will be contingent on me being able to walk again…apparently 300+ squats in 1 hour will reek havoc on your legs.

4. The reason behind the squats? C and I volunteered at a triathlon this weekend. We were responsible for body marking (writing the numbers on all the participants arms and legs). That meant squatting down hundreds of times to write on their calves. Talk. about. sore. I feel like I’m 100 years old.

5. Early morning Saturday swims followed by even earlier mornings volunteering made for one VERY sleepy weekend. By the time we get home, it’s only 11am but we’re already climbing back in bed for a mid-day nap.

6. We went to Dish with some friends for Restaurant Week. While $35 for a 3-course meal and $20 for 3 wine pairings did seem like a good deal, I wasn’t wow’ed by the food or the ambiance. Can’t say we’ll be going back.

7. Even though I can barely walk, I insisted on wearing these new JCrew shoes I got for a STEAL on Friday. Love.

8. I’m digging these two photo apps I discovered this one and this one.




Lately, instead of browsing the JCrew website for cute work clothes or weekend outfits, I’ve been obsessed with sportswear. This would make sense since I’ve been spending a whole lot of time training. After October’s triathlon, I’ve signed up to run the Dallas Half Marathon in December. I’m craving these items as I transition towards a more running focused training plan. (PS. Guess my favorite color?!)

Those Nike capris are amazing. They NEVER lose their stretch and are made out of recycled water bottles! Thumbs up for green clothing. I obviously need another pair. Having the proper attire always makes for a more enjoyable workout.

A few tips I’ve learned along the way:
  1. Get fitted for the right shoes. Don’t just go to the store and pick the cutest ones on the shelf. I tried on over 15 pairs when I went to get fitted to find the right ones. I’m actually due for new ones soon. Depending on your training/running style, sneakers should last about 6 months or 400-600 miles.
  2. Find the perfect sports bra. Does this need any more explanation?
  3. Pockets, pockets, pockets. You don’t want your hands full during a run.
  4. Pick materials that agree with sweat. The last thing you want is a shirt that is soaking up sweat, leaving you raw and uncomfortable by the end of your run.
  5. Layers. Embrace the tying-of-your-sweatshirt-around-your-hips technique so loved by “soccer moms”. 

Unity Pullover | lululemon / Nike Legend Tight Fit Training Capris / Nike Women’s Fast Pace Running Tank Top / Brooks PureCadence / swiftly headband | lululemon

finding my nemo.


I’d like to argue that the #1 barrier to entry in the triathlon world is swimming. Hopefully, for many of us, running and biking are second nature even if you’ve never raced in either event. You can successfully get from point A to point B by either biking on your sweet, turquoise cruiser bike (with basket) or running in flip flops from the couch to the freezer to get a scoop of ice cream between commercial breaks. Hey, we’re all friends here, I’m not judging. Good. So we’ve established that most folks can run and bike somewhat successfully.

Swimming, however, seems to baffle most folks. While the pool doesn’t prove to be as much of an issue, it’s certainly open water swimming that has most people shying away from triathlons. Sharks, murky waters, slimy lake bottoms, fish, amoebas, temperature, waves, tides…all reasons I’ve heard for avoiding open water swimming. I know this because, well…I was one of those people. My main issue being the disgusting, squishy, slimy, muddy bottoms of the Texas lakes. I managed to get over it. Mainly because you should be swimming…not walking around in the lake. Henceforth, you can minimize contact with the bottom of the lake…if you get really good at swimming.

And herein lies the point of this post: my need to get better at swimming. As with most of my “events” in triathlon, I pretty much have 1 speed: get to the end, quickly and without dying. This worked pretty well for me in the beginning but it pretty much always insured a last place finish. If your “training speed” is the same as your “racing speed”, you’re most likely not going to win…unless everyone else in your age group drowns - your chances drastically increase at that point.

Last night, I tackled my lack of speed in the swim. An endless pool, as it turns out, is a magical thing. You can set the “speed” and therefore, force yourself to swim at that pace. In the course of an hour, I managed to strengthen my kick, increase my arm turnover, and breathe more efficiently. (Disclaimer: I have a kick-butt coach.) I was swimming a whole MINUTE faster on my 100 meter pace than I normally do, proving that I can, in fact, vary my speed (now that I’ve learned how).

I’m looking forward to testing out my new-found swimming skillz this weekend at our Open Water swim workout. Sorry Brendan, but I don’t think I’ll need to be drafting off of you anymore.

Just keep swimming…just keep swimming…just keep swimming…

monday musings.

monday musings.


1. Another weekend filled with workouts and races. After 3.5 hours at the lake on Saturday, C and I managed to do nothing for the rest of the day.

2. C raced Sunday morning and I played with helpful, doting Sherpa. After brunch at Company Cafe with our sweet friends, Jessie and Brian, we passed out for a good 4 hours.

3. I made some pretty delish granola bars this weekend. Recipe to follow.

4. With a little menu planning on Sunday night, C and I were able to stock the fridge and pantry with healthy options for the week to come. We made some awesome buffalo & sweet potato tacos last night. Recipe also to follow.

5. It’s Restaurant Week here in Dallas which means for $35 a person you can eat at some of Dallas’ fanciest restaurants on the cheap!

6. The fact that I’m even considering doing an Ironman 70.3 (half Ironman - 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, 13.1 mile run) is just insane. I’m pretty sure I’m losing my mind.

7. The Spice Girls. Still amazing.

8. Hoping for some good news this week relating to our potential new roommate.
{recipe} rice bars

{recipe} rice bars


As someone with a speedy metabolism and a tiny stomach, I generally have to eat about every two hours. Unless I plan ahead, I’m left shoving whatever I can find into my mouth. This has become especially apparent during my training. It’s really important to fuel your body properly in order to perform at your best for each workout.

There are hundreds of different kinds of “energy bars” on the market. Each one boasts unique benefits and ingredients designed for pre-workout, post-workout, female, male, protein rich, fiber rich, gluten-free, sugar-free, vegan…the list is endless. If you look at the ingredients, sometimes there are all kinds of weird things in there to preserve it and hold it together.

This recipes is inspired by the rice bars in the FeedZone cookbook. After testing two flavors from this book, I realized the possibilities were endless.

Rice based bars are PERFECT for athletes because rice is very easy on the stomach and digests well during activity. It’s the right amount of simple carbs to give you the energy boost you need and they are easy to eat. I’m including recipes for both sweet and savory bars (something you rarely find).

Bacon & Egg Rice Bars
  • 2 cups uncooked calrose rice (sticky rice)
  • 4 eggs
  • 8 oz bacon (or turkey bacon or sausage)
  • soy sauce or liquid amino acids (to taste)
  • brown sugar or maple syrup (to taste)
Cook rice according to package directions. Cook bacon until crispy. Scramble eggs in bacon pan (grease removed) until firm. Mix eggs, rice, bacon together in rice pot. Add soy sauce and brown sugar to taste. Press into a foil lined 9x9 pan and refrigerate until firm. Cut into manageable bars to your liking. Wrap individually in foil lined with parchment. Store in fridge for up to 4 days.

Raisin & Almond Rice Bars
  • 2 cups uncooked calrose rice (sticky rice)
  • 1 cup raisins (or any other dried fruit of your liking)
  • 1/2 almonds (or any other nut of your liking)
  • honey (to taste)
  • brown sugar or maple syrup (to taste)
Cook rice according to package directions. Mix fruit, nuts, and rice together in rice pot. Add honey and brown sugar to taste. Press into a foil lined 9x9 pan and refrigerate until firm. Cut into manageable bars to your liking. Wrap individually in foil lined with parchment. Store in fridge for up to 4 days.

16 things I want.

16 things I want.


  1. For this week to be over already
  2. An unlimited supply of Lululemon clothes
  3. For it to always be the perfect temperature in my office (ie. not cold)
  4. Skinless apples
  5. For C to get into grad school
  6. A dog
  7. Fall weather
  8. An LL Bean fisherman sweater
  9. To never have to fill my car up with gas
  10. To be able to Ctrl-Z life sometimes
  11. Less credit card bills
  12. 10 hours of sleep
  13. A rainy weekend
  14. To see my sister
  15. Teleportation
  16. A vacation
monday musings.

monday musings.


1. I spent the majority of the weekend on the couch in between intense workouts. C was swamped with work so I caught up on some quality TV time. What else are the weekends for?

2. On a routine trip to Target for body wash, I ended up leaving $60 poorer and the proud new owner of a scale. Yea. About that. Not entirely sure what kind of relationship we’re going to have.

3. There is this really nifty thermostat called Nest that learns your patterns and adjusts the heating/cooling as necessary. It’s supposed to help save money on energy. Obviously, we need one.

4. I’m almost done with the Fifty Shades series and I’m getting to that point. I’m getting that anxious feeling in my stomach where I’m about to finish a book and I have no idea what to read next. Choosing a book is such a process for me. I have a few good recommendations in the queue…Gone Girl, Seating Arrangements and The Art of Fielding. Have you read any of them? Thoughts?

5. I have the patience level of a five year old but the memory of an elephant. Once something gets in my head, I can’t leave it alone until it’s resolved. More to come on this. Stay tuned.

6. I apologize for all the cryptic musings lately. I’m working on my patience….

7. Thought of the day…

this is not a post about my weight.

this is not a post about my weight.


I’m trying to start calorie counting, again. I think I’ve tried it a dozen or so times before but it can be VERY frustrating. Don’t get all “but you’re so tiny on me…” I’m not trying to lose weight but merely maintain my weight. Now that I’ve started training more, I’ve heard that it’s easy for nutrition go on the back burner. You’re thinking “hey, I just ran 4 miles, I think I’ll eat that second cupcake”.
So far, I have been BLESSED with a speedy metabolism and the ability to eat mostly what I wanted. I’m not a huge fan of junk food in general but I could live off cereal and pasta. Not exactly a balanced diet. I want to start creating habits now that will carry on into my 30s and 40s. Habits that I’ll be able to pass on to my kids.
My outlook on calorie counting is that it’s simply a way to be mindful of what I’m eating and if I’m getting a balanced diet. Part of being a successful athlete includes how you fuel your body to help you perform better. 


Con #5: Once about 8pm hits on Sunday evening, it’s like somebody died. Everyone gets quiet, there’s high tension and emotion, we make eye contact with one another but nobody wants to speak the thought we’re all sharing. Nobody wants to say, that dreaded term. On Sunday evenings, the word ‘Monday’ is to us, what Voldemort is to Harry Potter — it-which-must-not-be-named. It’s as if we know what we’re facing. Another work week. Another five days of brutal, gruesome, awful work. Okay, so that’s a gigantic exaggeration and we should be grateful to have jobs, but seriously – we need a name for the grievance period that takes place on Sunday nights. Let’s call it Sunday Cerulean. (Cerulean was my favorite Crayola crayon as a kid. It’s a shade of blue. Sunday nights make us sad. Blue means sad. Henceforth, Sunday Cerulean.)

--10 Pros and Cons of Sundays

my relationship. with blogging.

my relationship. with blogging.

My relationship with blogging is…
Basically, it’s a love/hate relationship. I LOVE the digital archive it creates. Snapshots of moments in time. Images I’m inspired by. Words I’m encouraged by. Silly stories. Weekend festivities. 
I used to share more “information”. They I posted ONLY pictures. I posted a few recipes but I never felt that my photography was up to par. I posted training workouts but found myself tempted to fib so that I wouldn’t have to admit to the world that I missed a workout. 
It ebbs and flows. At my 2 year anniversary, I thought I might be saying goodbye to the blogging world. But alas, here I am…still. 
Boredom you might say? Have I run out of content to post? Lack of ideas? 
Maybe a name change will spruce things up? Should I take a more focused direction?
I need your input here, faithful readers! For once, I’m actually asking for your input on my relationship. My blogging relationship, please. Not my actual, real life, totally stable and amazing human relationship.
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