monday musings.

Holy cow, where do I even begin this post....

1. We arrived in Baltimore late last Wednesday night. It was great to be lazy and hang around Baltimore with C's parents on Thursday and Friday. On Saturday morning we headed down to Cambridge, MD for C's big race. We just got back from there this morning. 

2. The race was great, albeit, hot. C did a great job and we all had a blast cheering him on. 

3. Just a few hours ago, we got word that our moving truck would not be arriving to New Haven until...Friday (we were hoping it would be arriving tomorrow). Ugh. 

4. To cope with this new stressor, C went and got a massage and I got a facial (and some anti-anxiety meds). 

5. The new plan is to leave sometime on Wednesday and sleep on the aerobed we conveniently packed with us at our new place. We packed the car with enough necessities in case we ran into this situation. 

6. There is much to be done on the wedding to-do list as we're only 32 days out. Since we can't do much in the way of unpacking, I'll be spending the rest of the today tackling this list. 

7. I have LOVED having online RSVPs. It's so fun to get all the notifications from our family and friends. Instant gratification is awesome.

8. We desperately need a new computer (the one I'm currently typing on it about to celebrate it's 8th birthday) but C was holding out for Apple's conference today hoping they'd announce a new one. Not happening. Looks like we're heading to the Apple store soon!!!

I think that's good for now...

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