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We've been doing our best to take advantage of some free weekends as well as our close proximity to a bunch of really cool small towns. A few weeks ago, we got up early, booked a room on Hotel Tonight and hopped in the car for a few hours to drive up to Kennebunkport, ME. 

We were so lucky to get a last minute room at this adorable B&B because EVERYTHING was booked when we initially looked. I've never used Hotel Tonight before but it was awesome, and kind of a rush! You feel like you're getting such a deal when you snag a last minute room.

Eat // David's KPT for dinner (also a B&B!), and Mabel's for a lobster roll

Play // Take a sunset sail on the Schooner Eleanor


monday musings.

>> So in all honesty, I have just not had time for this space lately. It's not that I'm uninspired or anything, I have like a million posts in draft form, but by the time I have an ounce of free time, all I want to do is relax with C, watch Masters of Sex, and maybe sip on some whiskey. So blogging has become low priority. And you know what, that makes me anxious. HA! I'm crazy. That being said, here are some monday musings for my 6 readers. 

>> We spent this weekend in NYC for a wedding - one of C's college friends and prior roommates in Dallas. It was a great weekend but after several late nights, it was a pretty sleepy train ride home Sunday afternoon. A few highlights: meeting sweet friends at Sarabeth's by Central Park for brunch, finally finding the perfect pair of nude patent pointy toe 3" pumps (that didn't cost a fortune), putting in a solid 5,000 steps traipsing around NYC with Lizzie, and dancing the night away with Mr. Thomas.

>> After deciding Saturday morning that I was not satisfied with the dress I brought with me to wear to this wedding, I made impromptu plans with Lizzie to stop into Zara to try to remedy the situation without spending a fortune. I hit the jackpot and not only found a dress for the wedding for $40 but also scored another dress that is basically perfection (don't judge it by the image online, it's way cuter in person #comfy).

>> Go order these two cookbooks immediately (here and here). Jessica's blog, How Sweet Eats, has been a long time favorite and my go-to when I'm feeling the need to try a new recipe. She's really a gem. I stumbled Stephanie's blog, i am a food blog, through a post on Jessica's blog. How fitting. All this to say, stop reading monday musings and order yourself a copy of their new cookbooks which just launched last week. Cook all the things. Thank me later.

>> I threw out a quick plug for the Fashion Project in a previous post but I feel the need to elaborate due to the success I've had with them. If you're in the process of organizing your closet and maybe switching out clothes for the season, this is the perfect thing to sign up for. They send you free bags, you fill them up with gently worn clothes, send them in, they sell them on their marketplace and donate 55% of the profits to a charity of your choice. Oh, and for every 5 qualifying pieces, you get a $40 Nordstrom gift card. Let me just tell you, I mailed in about 20-25 pieces, and got $120 in Nordstrom gifts cards. Just saying. So go sign up now (it's free!).


monday musings.

>> I didn't intend on taking a blog hiatus, but life is funny like that and sometimes it just says to you "hey, live in the moment!". It's been almost a month since I last checked in here so you can probably guess that August has been a crazy month for us. (And no, we did not have two kids in the last three weeks, those two are borrowed.) 

>> After a great weekend in NYC with Lizzie visiting here and here, I headed back to the City to be in my sorority "little sister's" wedding. C flew in about 1 hour before the rehearsal dinner and we were reunited at last (made it 10 weeks!). The weekend was a blast but we were exhausted by the time we got back to New Haven. 

>> Work has been crazy as the summer winds down and everyone gets back on a regular schedule. C and I managed to plan a last minute getaway to Kennebunkport, ME after we snagged a room on Hotel Tonight. We loved our quick trip and had a great stay at an adorable B&B

>> This past weekend we packed up the car and settled in for 7 hours to meet up with C's high school friends at Deep Creek Lake. It was such a FUN trip and I'm so glad everyone was able to come. We rented a big house and filled it with 8 adults, 5 kids under the age of 4, and tons of food and toys. Though the weather was a bit gloomy, we managed to have a blast and enjoyed being all together for once. 

>> Aside from all the travel, our week days have been pretty low key. I'm currently reading this book and then started this (audio) book in the car but had a hard time getting into it. I'm also anxiously awaiting the delivery of this book in a few days. If you're not following her blog, start now.

>> Maria (our wedding photographer and C's high school friend) took some photos of us this weekend to be used as Christmas cards. I had the honor of shooting her family for her and in turn, got a chance to play with a professional camera. Ugh. Wow. Now I know what I'm missing out on! I need this lens stat.

>> Also, quick plug for a few things I'm currently loving (with referral links!): Wantable, Fashion Project, Everlane. Go check them out!


BITE Lip Lab

I first heard about this place from reading Kate's blog and I knew I had to add it to my list next time I was in NYC. The last weekend before C got home, I planned a girls day with my bestie and met her in NYC for some serious shopping including a trip to the Birchbox Store!

We tried to make an appointment about 1 week in advance as advised but they were completely booked (apparently they were just in the news). They recommended that we arrive at the store just after they opened so that we could get our names on the top of the waitlist. From there, you'd have to wait for them to call your cell to let you know a slot opened up. Lucky for us, there is plenty to do in SoHo and we'd already planned to spend some time at Birchbox and do some shopping.

We busied ourselves around SoHo before getting THE CALL a few hours later. Ecstatic, we bolted back over to Prince Street and started the process.

I let my technician know that I was looking for a cooler pink that wasn't too bright so that I could wear it every day, but I didn't want a nude or neutral. She started mixing colors and I was really surprised to see her grabbing browns and purples...the color against the white background looked so off!

She made me a sample and I tried it on. LOVE AT FIRST SITE! It was honestly perfect and JUST what I was looking for. I chose a matte finish because I wanted a big color impact that wouldn't budge.

Since the whole process took about 5-10 minutes, I asked her to create a red for me as well just so that I could try out another color. I loved the red and took down the "formula" in case I go back. My friend made a REALLY pretty neutral color that I totally want to steal! Lizzie, send me that formula!

After you get your color down, you pick a scent and then the colors are melted together right before your eyes! The formula is poured into a mold, cooled, and placed in the tube. It's really amazing to watch the whole thing!

 I was so impressed with the whole process and would definitely go back next time I'm in NYC. Lipstick and nail polish are my favorite "accessories" and I love being able to experiment. The color that was made for me was perfect but I NEVER would have picked it up in the store because it looks kind of purply brown. But on my lips, it's amazing.

Add this place to your NYC bucket list, ladies!


the birchbox store!

Whooooa my goodness! Heaven on earth! When I heard (and saw all over Instagram) that Birchbox was opening a store, I just about lost it. When I found out that you could build your OWN Birchbox, I was in awe. When I read that you could get your nails, hair, and makeup done, it was love. 

The store is located in precious SoHo and has the most adorable store front. Like I actually wish the front of my home would look like this. 

Inside, it's a glorious mecca of beauty products as well as jewelry and other "lifestyle" items. They carry many of the products sold on the site and everything is test-able. Amazing. They even have little counters where you can do your brows by testing all the different brow products. 

The store is organized by product type instead of brand so that you can easily compare the same product from different brands (lipstick, eye shadow, moisturizer etc.). It's such a neat idea and definitely handy since I'm constantly comparing tons of products to find the best one.

In the back, you can build your own Birchbox from a curated selection of samples. For $15, you get to pick a sample from 5 different categories and create a custom box. Seriously so cool. I finally got a tiny pot of that Egyptian Magic that I've been dying to try.

Downstairs there's a selection of men's products, nail polish, and the beauty bar! $10 for a quick manicure? It doesn't get any better than that! 

You can use your points in the store and your purchases are linked to your account. And if you haven't signed up for Birchbox yet, click here and make it happen asap...because you're missing out! (I'd be forever grateful if you used my referral link!)

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