2021 Favorite Things


Here's a roundup of some of the things I've been loving in 2021.

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We caved to the Instagram ads and we are hooked. Fresh, small batch coffee is flash frozen and delivered to your door in fully recyclable capsules. Just run under hot water, pour into a mug, add hot or cold water and enjoy! We're picky about coffee and this coffee is incredible.


I tried customized haircare several years ago and wasn't impressed. But Prose is the real deal. I've been hooked on their custom shampoo and conditioner all year and I love their other care products as well. My favorite feature is that you can customize your scent which is great if you're picky. 

Sugar Doh

I will never shave my underarms or legs again. Sugaring at home is SO easy, not painful, and so much more sustainable. 

The Nap Dress from Hill House

I'm fully committed to the Nap Dress life. I have three in the Ellie style and I even got a matching one for Reese. I wore them all summer and I'm excited to break out my tartan one for the holidays. 

Owala Freesip Water Bottle

Handle. Straw. Closed lid. Stainless steel. Literally my perfect water bottle.


$100 off with code D9N8D4

We are Peloton people now and I'm not mad about it. I signed up for a month of spinning at a local studio to make sure I would like it before making the purchase and I'm so glad I did. We've been without the Peloton for the month of November and I can legitimately say that I miss it.

Well Traveled 

Exclusive members-only travel club that's like Trip Advisor but way way way better. Perks include Welcome Gifts, free upgrades, food & beverage credit and more. Fully vetted recommendations as well.


My newsletter! We started it back in March and we've grown an incredible following. It's been such a fun project. 

Matching Nap Dresses FTW

I Don’t Have a Mom Squad and I Don’t Feel Like I Need One


I was never the kind of girl who was a part of a group of friends. I don’t have a named group chat. There are no girls’ trips. Instead, I have great friends all across the country but none of them really know each other.

It has been like this since high school, where I often had friends from different groups who weren’t friends with each other. I never really paid attention to how individualized my friendships were until towards the end of college, and when I became a mom, I thought this might change. I figured that I’d move to a new city (hi SF!), meet a bunch of moms with similar due dates, become friends, and start a group chat.

But that hasn’t happened.

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what i'm loving lately


I'm trying to be a little more conscious of the amount of "stuff" I buy these days. However, I have several recent purchases that I've really been loving.

Revlon One Step Hair Dryer
I despise washing my hair and I'm lucky if it happens more than once a week. The whole process just takes too long and it's just so much work. But this hair dryer has made it a much more pleasant experience. Definitely don't use it on soaking wet hair. Also, don't do what I did which is buy it for $60 at Ulta and then be mad because 2 days later it's on sale on Amazon for $26. Just wait for a sale. But buy it. It gives you the best salon-quality blowout at home.

Reverie Leave-in Treatment
I'm not fussy with my hair but I do want to take care of it since I bleach the hell out of it. This leave-in treatment is the one used at my salon and oh my word it smells like heaven. It's effective and perfect for a little protection before heat styling. Highly recommend.

Essence Mascara
These mascaras are $4.99. That's not a typo. And they have a cult following. I've tried two of them now and really do love them.

Gee Thanks, Just Bought It Podcast
I got the mascara tip above from listening to my new fave podcast Gee Thanks, Just Bought It which is definitely enabling all sorts of purchases. Caroline is so fun and I've learned a lot from her guests.

Weighted Blanket
I know these are "all the rage" right now but honestly, I'm in love with mine. I sleep with it every night and I do feel like it makes a difference. I really like the heavy feel of lots of covers but I also get hot so it's always a dilemma. With this blanket, I can have the weight without overheating. Amazing! Pick the one that's 10% of your bodyweight to get the right feel.

La Roche-Posay Anthelios 50 Ultra-Light Tinted Mineral Sunscreen
You need to be wearing sunscreen every day. That's just the truth. And yet, finding the right face sunscreen is a serious challenge. Moisturizer with sunscreen is not enough. I tested a whole bunch recently on my quest to find my holy grail and this is it. It also comes in a non-tinted version if that's your thing. But it's so good. It's not greasy, it's not white, it's not matte, it's just perfect.

Space N.K. Makeup Bag
I mean, it seems unnecessary to spend money on a makeup bag when you can get a free one with pretty much any beauty purchase. But after trying to make do with the free ones for a long time, I decided to treat myself. I like that it's clear but also looks nice since it sits on my dresser.

Wardrobe Tracking
I've tried a variety of apps that help you catalog and track your wardrobe like Cladwell and Stylebook but they just never worked for me. I didn't like that I couldn't customize them for my needs. Then I found this incredible Airtable template and now I'm hooked. I uploaded about 80% of my clothing into my database and each day (if I actually get dressed) I take a photo and then log the items in my outfit. I'm obsessed with the stats on # of wears and cost per wear. When I have the urge to shop, I try shopping my online wardrobe instead. It also helps remind me of what I have when I'm out shopping. For example, I purchased some secondhand Paige jeans for $38 back in November. They are down to less than $1/wear! Amazing!

My Lavender Hair!
Life is too short to have boring hair! I was getting the itch to change up my hair but wanted to avoid cutting it. I've loved the look of pastel lavender hair for awhile now and decided to go for it. I'm so grateful for my hair genius Blair to made it the perfect shade!

How to Get a Passport for Kids in San Francisco without the Stress


Getting a passport for kids in San Francisco doesn’t have to be a nightmare, but it does take some planning. Lucky for you, I did my research, and I’m here to share it with you.

We have a trip planned for Cabo in August with the kids. We’re really looking forward to it, especially because the grandparents are coming along–hello childcare!

In preparation (and because of the new regulations), our twin toddlers need passports to visit Mexico. I am a PLANNER and definitely didn’t want to leave this task until the last minute. I’d already seen people posting horror stories about trying to get passports and I was determined to make it as simple as possible.

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Potty Training is Hard and That's Ok


Potty training fails sometimes, but you know what? It will happen eventually. A friend recently told me that the three hardest phases of parenthood are potty training, shoe tying, and driving. So far, that mom is 100% right.

After extensive research and preparation, we set out to potty train our 26-month-old boy/girl twins over the holiday break. I was nervous but prepared, or so I thought.

On the morning of December 24th (Merry Christmas to us!), we said, “Bye-bye diapers!”

By December 26th, I was pretty sure I was getting a divorce. There was so much crying (from both toddlers and parents), so many tantrums, so much pee, and absolutely no poop (which is an issue all in itself).

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