November 24, 2014

monday musings.

>> After a busy but fun week, it was great to have an unscheduled weekend on the menu. I kicked it off a little early with dinner (consisting of wine and cheese) at August with a friend. C got back from DC late Friday night so we spent some quality time sleeping in and being lazy. 

>> We had a little date night at Painting with a Twist followed up by dinner at Post 154 (the old Westport post office!). Painting was so fun albeit a bit tough to just "let go". For two type A personalities, we are all about following directions. I think both paintings turned out great and it was a really fun experience. 

>> For whatever reason, grilled cheese sounded like the best thing in the world for Sunday night dinner. So we fried up some homemade sweet potato chips and toasted up these delicious grilled cheese sandwiches. Yum!

>> T25 has been kicking our butts. The workouts are every day for 5 days (with two on fridays!). They are HARD! We are legit struggling but it feels good to be moving and it's SUCH an easy workout to do at home. I always have time for it and I honestly don't mind doing it. I'm really curious to see what our results are like in 10 weeks. We'll be bringing the CDs with us to Baltimore! 

>> We're headed to Baltimore to be with C's family for Thanksgiving and it should be a really good trip. It's always such a treat to spend some time with C's family and friends. 

>> We almost have every inch of our Cali trip planned and booked - so excited! Typically, planning can be really stressful for me and I don't always enjoy it but for whatever reason, it's been so fun to plan this trip. Can. not. wait. Also, Caribbean in March. Yes. 

>> I'm dying to take this DSLR and Photoshop class. They make such amazing classes and this is an amazing value. I took one of their blogging classes and it was so so good. 

November 19, 2014

favorite cookbooks written by bloggers

I've always thought it would be really neat to write a cookbook. I've never really been interested in writing a novel but writing a cookbook seems like so much fun. It's also the perfect combination of some of my favorite things - creating, designing, cooking, photographing. There is one small problem with the whole fantasy of writing a cookbook...I'd have to quit my job and spend all day recipe writing/testing. 

This being said, I'm constantly amazed by the AMAZING cookbooks written by some of my favorite bloggers. If I thought their blogs were a work of art, these books take everything to the next level. They are every bit as enticing, enchanting and mesmerizing as the blogs (and authors) themselves! 

Seriously Delish // Jessica Merchant of How Sweet It Is
This is my all time favorite food blog. I've been following her blog for several years not and I feel like we are best friends. Her photos are incredible and she writes the most hilarious commentary amongst outrageously delicious recipes. If you only follow one blog and only purchase one book, this is the one. Trust me.

An all-around great cookbook to have on hand. Everything is made from scratch and it's a lot of comfort foods stepped up a notch. Hoping Santa puts this one under the tree this year!

Date Night In // Ashley Rodriguez of Not Without Salt
I've been waiting for this cookbook for a LONG time. Her blog is stunning. The premise of her blog and cookbook is centered around date nights so each section of her book highlights a different date night menu with recipes for each item. This would be such a great gift for a newlywed couple. I've already pre-ordered my copy. Also, by her cookie mix and put one in every stocking.

Dessert For Two // Christina Lane of Dessert for Two
I'm pretty much banned from baking unless it's for an occasion because C feels like he has to eat everything I bake. This blog is adorable and perfect for anyone who just has a liiiiittttle sweet tooth. Her methods are easy and straight-forward because often time a recipe for 24 isn't as simple as cutting it down to 6.

Top with Cinnamon // Izy Hossack of Top with Cinnamon
First things first, Izy is 18....18!!! She's still pursuing her education full time while maintaining her blog and writing a freaking cookbook (and taking all her own pictures). Her book is beautiful and her recipes are wonderful. I could just stare at her pictures all day. Still so amazed that she's only 18...

What are some of your favorite cookbooks? I think a great cookbook makes an awesome gift along with a few handy kitchen gadgets or a monogrammed apron!

November 18, 2014

in the spirit of giving

I've always wanted to drive through a Starbucks and have the cashier say "The person in front of you paid for your drink!" I would definitely pass it on to the person behind me and I'd totally be wondering how long we could keep it going for. 

As I write this, I'm sort of wondering why I've never just started the trend. In fact, I'm wondering why I don't do more "random acts of kindness" and why I'm always waiting to receive it. 

In the spirit of giving, I'm going to make a little pact with myself to participate in several random acts of kindness as we finish out the month of November. Thanksgiving is around the corner and it is all to easy to forget why we're even giving thanks in the first place. 

November 17, 2014

monday musings.

>> Insane week and another one this week. Short post this week due to the craziness. We made some time for Yale football, an early Thanksgiving meal, an epic TJs haul, and a delicious meal with friends. Even carved out a little time for a drive up to the top of East Rock.

November 14, 2014

great netflix documentaries

We got rid of cable tv last spring and in place of my evening binge watching of the Food Network or JGTV, I've been scrolling through Netflix's documentaries section. They have some really interesting options and it's been really fun to learn about something or someone. I wanted to talk about a few I've recently seen that I really enjoyed.

JIG // Irish Step Dancing. It has ALWAYS fascinated me...the steps, the dresses, the boucy, curly wigs. The whole "world" of it is just so intriguing and I found this documentary really, really interesting.

First Position // I can't even tell you how many times I've seen Center Stage but it's at least 30 or 40. I LOVE that movie and I'm mesmerized by the world of ballet so much so that I seriously considered what it would take to become a ballerina at age...oh like 20. HA! This film is crazy showcasing really young kids on their way to ballerina stardom.

Blackfish // I have a confession. A few years ago, I went to Sea World (San Antonio) for the first time. We saw the Orca show and I was so blown away that it brought me to tears. I was struck by how magical and impressive these creatures were but also how inhumane it was that they were in captivity. I simultaneous wanted to become a trainer (I seriously researched it...biology and holding my breath...not my strengths) and set them free all at once. So you can imagine my feelings watching this film. So hard. Tears. I will never visit Sea World again. But that said, watch this film, it's so worth it.
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