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We're baaaaaaaaccckkkkk!

Just a quick little update to get you guys excited for a fun series of posts all about the most amazing day of my life and our super wonderful honeymoon. In the meantime, our non-stop flight from Honolulu to JFK landed at 6:30am this morning and then we had a three hour drive back to New Haven in some serious rush hour traffic. Basically, we have no idea what day it is and we're all sorts of jet lagged. So instead of ramble on about things that don't mean anything, I'll just leave you with a few snapshots from our hashtag (#thomaspartyoftwo).

monday musings.


C and I are celebrating our last "dating" anniversary today! We went out on our first date 2 years ago today and it was the best date I had ever been on. I can't believe we're getting married this weekend and that we'll get to celebrate many, many anniversaries. 

On the wedding front, everything is pretty much in order. We're waiting on some paper goods to arrive in the mail, we're ironing dresses and shirts, we're writing cards and notes, and we're trying to savor the moment...and not get stressed

I've already obsessed over the weather. As of today, there's a 40% chance of rain with scattered thunderstorms. Ugh, really? 

We're just so thrilled to spend this day with such special family and friends. We are READY for the day to be here!

By the way...

Did you make yourself some beer bread last night? I plan on making french toast with it...for dinner.

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{recipe} Honey Butter Beer Bread


It's Sunday. I'm bored. So I made you bread. You're welcome. 

Doesn't everyone bake when they are bored? This recipe couldn't be easier and it just so happened that I had everything on hand. You probably do too. I mean, you keep your fridge stocked with beer at all times....right? 

Also, I'm assuming that you always photograph your latest recipe out on your miniature back deck. Sunlight man. I'll get it any way I can.

on a budget // grocery shopping


We love Whole Foods and Central Market as much as the next person but doing the bulk of your grocery shopping there can eat up your paycheck. Since C and I are in full swing unemployment (while trying to pay for a wedding...), we'll need to be careful and creative at the grocery store. We're no longer living down the street from a Whole Foods and we've had to say goodbye to Central Market. Luckily, we don't have to give up our beloved Trader Joe's and the local Stop&Shop works just fine (I'm anxious to try Peapod). I've come up with a few tips that can help keep your grocery bill in check.

As tempting as it may be to grab that perfect plastic tub of lettuce, you're going to pay more for less produce. Always try to get the produce that's un-packaged or in the bulk section. Our Central Market has a large "bulk" produce section which makes veggies more affordable especially when we're buying lots of spinach for smoothies. Also, Farmer's Markets!! 

The Bulk Section 
While I prefer the bulk section at Central Market (they have zip top bags) better than Whole Food's, it's a great option for getting what you need on the cheap. You can typically find nuts, dried fruits, grains, flours, granola, chocolate, spices and other items in this section. This is a great option if you're buying a large quantity of rice or if you need a small quantity of special flour for a recipe (coconut flour, almond flour, pastry flour etc). You get only what you need and don't have to pay for the expensive packaging. Make sure to browse this section for the items on your like before you hit up the shelves.

monday musings.


1. It's wedding month! Aside from a million and 1 wedding related things going on, we've also managed to do other fun stuff! 

2. I took down the gross sliding blinds in our bedroom and installed curtains! #handy

3. We spent some time at the beach with one of my bridesmaids. Perks of unemployment people (aside form sleeping in until whenever you want...)! 

4. We hiked East Rock with Lizzie and took her to BAR for mashed potato bacon pizza and seasonal watermelon beer. Insanely amazing. 

5. We went for our first "trail" run and I loved it, but I'm still really slow. 

6. We made seating arrangements, put stickers on water bottles, ordered straws, ribbon and other goodies from Etsy. Yay weddings! It's almost here!

7. I treated myself to this top from JCrew and this dress (why yes, it does glow in the dark!) from Lilly for the honeymoon! Hello Hawaii! 

8. I'm still crushing on this mascara from Trish McEvoy and I picked out this lipstick for the wedding. 

9. I fell in love with this dry shampoo in my Birchbox and I'm obsessed with this wave spray from Oribe. Summer staple (and a summer splurge). PS. Need a Birchbox invite code?

10. I'm living off smoothies lately. Current flavor combos include peanut butter blueberry with almond milk and spinach and "pina colada" with coconut water, mango, banana and pineapple. 

hi john :) 
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