monday musings.

1. It was back to the grind this week. I'm running the Dallas Hot Chocolate 15k in about 2 weeks so I really need to get serious about my workouts. Luckily, the weather allowed for an enjoyable bike and run brick with my team saturday morning and then C and I made it out to the lake again on Sunday for a loop. We're definitely taking advantage of these mild temps. 

2. After a futile search for tuxes, we treated ourselves to loaded sweet potato fries and a drink on the patio at Company Cafe. There was also cake. Cake and cocktails at 4pm on a Saturday obviously makes sense. Especially when it's 60 degrees in January. 

3. I put my crafting skills to the test this weekend and attempted to turn my junior prom dress into an uber trendy tulle skirt. I got the idea from this blog (I can't believe we wore the exact same dress) and she pulls it off so adorably herehere and here. The verdict is still out my version. I'm just not sure I can pull it off. 

4. We were blessed to celebrate another engagement this weekend! My sweet sorority sister got engaged to the man of her dreams on Saturday. They are a precious couple and I'm just so over the moon happy for them. 

5. I went to my sorority's alumni skit preview night on Tuesday. I'm sure that sentence sounds completely ridiculous to some of my readers. Point is, I think I'm getting old. The skit was adorable but I didn't get some of the trendy references! Plus some of the songs that we used in the skit when I was in college are totally out-dated now. So strange. 

6. I'm loving not being at work today. #neededthis

7. We're headed to a precious cottage in Fredericksburg, TX this weekend to celebrate C's big milestone birthday. It sounds like a perfect way to kick off the big 3-0. There will be cake, sleeping in, maybe a hike and definitely a run. Oh and wine tasting. Obviously. 

8. Alright Downton Abbey. You win. You got me. You started off really slow. Season 1 was strange and Season 2 was kinda slow until the end. Season 3 has me hooked. Matthew is hot. And well, Lady Mary kills it. 

9. I don't really like cancer. It pretty much sucks. So I'm going to run 13.1 miles and do my part to help fight cancer. I'd love your help if you feel so inspired. 

10. I'm strangely obsessed with working on our wedding website. Well, maybe it's not that strange since I claim to be a blogger, but still. I really like it. And it's not even like it's that cool - it's just filling out pages of information. If you're lucky, I'll share it with my lovely readers. Maybe. 

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