mystic, CT


A few weekends ago, we spent the day up in Mystic, CT for an impromptu getaway in an effort to take advantage of the temporarily nice weather. I took my dSLR camera along with me for once so that I could practice my photography skills. 

There's no simple way of doing things in Photoshop and Lightroom. When I went back to look at these photos, I was honestly at a loss. I wasn't entirely sure how much editing they needed or how to make a collage...that didn't take 600 steps. I'm sure I'll get better over time but for right now, blog posts are taking a lot longer than usual.

Either way, if you do find yourself in Mystic you should definitely eat the The Engine Room (think burgers, bourbon, and beer...yes please!) and take a 10 minute detour to visit some of the vineyards in the area like Stonington.

On another note, I'm really hoping to take this blogging course and explore the possibility of taking this blog to the next level. Have you been to any really great blogging courses that were useful and not totally intimidating? 

monday musings.


>> Whoa, ok so it's been over six weeks since I've posted some musings. Lack to inspiration I guess you could say. It's just been a little nuts around these parts. But, as you can tell, inspiration has returned and I now have a new look! I've been learning so much awesome Photoshop stuff, I just can't stop. Hope you like it! 

>> As for the above photo, that is in fact my adorably handsome husband back in his "glory days" of college. I got taste of those days when we went to the Harvard vs. Yale lacrosse game on Saturday. It was really fun to cheer for C's alma mater and laugh at the hilarious comments from the parents. The rain stopped for about three hours and the sun came out which was glorious. 

>> Speaking of rain and weather, it has been insanely cold this spring. I'm not just saying that. It's almost May and we're barely in the 50's here. Meanwhile, my friends in the south are already sunning themselves at the pool. I should have never complained about the triple digit heat in Texas...

>> I'm legitimately obsessed with Jessica's "Favorites" posts. She always turns me on to so many amazing products and I always have to have an Ulta and Sephora tab open on my browser so that I can pin all the good stuff. You'll love it to, promise. ALSO VERY IMPORTANT: Go pre-order her new cookbook that just came out today. You'll die it's going to be so amazing. But seriously, I'm obsessed.

>> We can talk about Easter for a sec if you want...we had a lovely weekend in Baltimore catching up with C's buddies and getting spoiled by his parents. It's always wonderful to get away for the weekend and soak up some sun. The entire weekend revolved around food (delish!) and candy. My kind of weekend.

>> Two weekends ago, we drove up to Mystic for a little getaway and ate at the most amazing "beer, bourbon & burgers" restaurant called The Engine Room. It's a must-try if you're ever in the area. We lingered for quite some time, tasting whiskey and munching on monkey bread with salted bourbon caramel sauce. 

>> I'm dying to try this new Tarte mineral foundation. I've been a die hard tinted moisturizer girl for quite some time now but sometimes it's just too much in the summer. I'm really intrigued by all the glowing reviews I've read online. I also just got a 20% off coupon for signing up for their email list...soooo probs gonna have to go ahead and add to cart.

athens + istanbul


For the most part, I'll let this limited selection of photos do the talking. You'll find links to the places we stayed, things we saw, and places we eat at the bottom of the post.

Sleep: A for Athens
See: Delphi, Acropolis

See: Cappadocia, Haghi Sofia, Blue Mosque, Grand Bazaar, Bosphorus

music // rivers in the wasteland

music // rivers in the wasteland


After much anticipation, NEEDTOBREATHE finally released their new album today. I've been able to preview several of the songs since I pre-ordered the album. All I can say is love. Just love. Already purchased tickets to see them play in NYC in September. Love that they are making these videos and sharing a bit of themselves with their fans.

summer internship


We're really excited to announce that C will be spending 10 weeks in Austin, Texas working for an endowment...specifically UT's endowment! It's a really great opportunity and I couldn't be more proud of C for landing such a great job. So for June through the first few weeks in August, C will be working away back in the great state of Texas. It'll be a huge adjustment for us this summer but I'm hoping to be able to make a few trips out there. Austin is a city that we truly love. It's probably the only city I'd go back to in Texas. I just love all the outdoor activities - water, mountains, wine country, etc. The music. The food. It's all really so great. 

There's a chance you might see a little more blogging around these parts over the summer since I'll have a LOT of free time on my hands with C away. Any tips for surviving a short-term long-distance marriage?

In the meantime, it's ready to put these boots to use!

a photoshop project


I mentioned over the weekend that I started taking an amazing Skillshare class on Photoshop. I absolutely loved the class and would highly recommend it. For our final project, we combined all our skills to create a mood board. I loved this idea because it helped me branch out and trying something a little different. I had a blast searching for images on Pinterest and then spent some serious time (too much time?) creating the mood board you see below. I can't wait to put all these skills to work and get some new content up on the blog! 

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