musings but not on monday.

1. Hectic. That's the word to sum up the past five days. Which is why I'm bringing you some very belated musings. Where to begin...

2. We started the trip to CT off with a meeting with our baker and picking out rentals (tables, chairs, linens, glasses, etc.) Both appointments went great which was a relief.

3. Friday included a full schedule of apartment viewings and a few Yale "Welcome" events. The first appointment was a disaster which put a big grey cloud over the whole day. But the good news is, after seeing 15+ apartments, we found one we loved and we signed the lease! We're excited to be in a great area (view of East Rock above),  close to school and lots of other students. The apartment is very new with a huge kitchen and lots of light.

4. The shower was lovely and so fun. We were able to celebrate with sweet friends and family including C's parents and grandmother! The whole night was such a treat and made the wedding feel so real!

5. Sunday we took C's parents to our potential rehearsal dinner site for brunch. It's right on the water and offers a great selection of food. We're excited to give our friends and family a taste of the CT coastline!

6. By Monday we were wiped but thankful to have crossed several items off our list. We handed over our deposit on the apartment and made some time to drive up to the summit of East Rock. Crazy that this will be our new home in just a few weeks!

7. Now that our whrilwind trip is over, it's back to reality. We only have a short time left at our jobs before we're off to London and then packing for the move! I can't believe the wedding is only 79 days away!

8. In other news, C is racing this weekend and out triathlon team decided to camp out at the race site. I love adventures! 

9. We also signed up to do a triathlon the morning we leave for London. Living on the edge. 

10. Our wedding bands are here! 

11. We're going to a really fun wedding this weekend for that dapper blonde kid below. Can't wait to be reunited with some great friends and celebrate a sweet couple!

ok enough rambling...

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