on doing all things fall related.

 I've already told you about my love of fall. Let's be honest, who doesn't enjoy fall? So in order to embrace all things fall, C and I headed out for the requisite fall apple/pumpkin picking. There were tons of people doing the same thing. I'm not sure what it is but C and I are very sensitive to the amount of kids around us lately. Why are they everywhere we go? Our next activity will be strictly kid free. But seriously, we are so not ready for children. No. Just no. 

Anyway, we picked apples, took pictures, and C attempted a little juggling. Just as we were heading back, I realized I'd lost my sunglasses. Grrrrr nothing irritates me more than losing something, especially something of some value. We scoured the orchard looking for them to no avail. I'm sure one of those annoying rug-rats picked them up and took them home. Cynical much? Ugh.

We then made it over to the pumpkin patch where I found the most perfect white pumpkin. Prepare to be glitter-ized virgin pumpkin!!

After a 30 minute wait in line to check out (more rug-rats), we headed back home where I proceeded to burn my pizza lunch in the toaster over. #roughday

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