monday musings.

Y'all this weekend was sooooooooo busy! 

1. After a hectic week of work, I hurried out at 3pm to get to the #partyauf wedding extravaganza! It was such a lovely affair and I can't believe C and I are next! (The wedding instagram hashtag thing is genius - #thomaspartyoftwo)

2. We woke up bright and early Saturday morning to head out to Lake Grapevine for anther open water swim. I actually got in the water this time and yes. it. was. cold. and windy. and lot of waves. Whew. It was tough but I'm glad I got it in. 

3. We hurried off after the swim because we had a full day of errands ahead of us. First on the agenda was hitting up the 50% off sale at the JCrew outlet. C and I needed a few things for our upcoming Euro trip so we battled the crowds for some great steals. 

4. After a quick trip to Central Market, we raced home to make rice bars and cookies to take out to the race. Our triathlon team decided to camp out at the race site since it was sorta far away. We had a blast chatting with our teammates and slept like babies on an air mattress in the back of C's car. #highmaintenance 

5. We had a relatively late "wake-up call" sunday morning since we were only minutes from the race start. We bundled up and walked over to transition. It was a chilly morning but C and our team had a great race with almost everyone placing in their age group! 

6. The fun didn't end after the race though. We chose to forgo our traditional post-race nap in exchange for some shoe shopping for C. We did find some shoes as well as a possible rehearsal dinner dress! 

7. By the time 6pm rolled around, we had just enough energy to shove Fireside Pies in our faces and drag ourselves home for a little sunday night TV. 

8. This week isn't slowing down at all either. This is our last week of work, we're racing on Sunday and then we leave for London Sunday evening! 

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