2021 Favorite Things


Here's a roundup of some of the things I've been loving in 2021.

Most links below are referral links that include various discounts. 


We caved to the Instagram ads and we are hooked. Fresh, small batch coffee is flash frozen and delivered to your door in fully recyclable capsules. Just run under hot water, pour into a mug, add hot or cold water and enjoy! We're picky about coffee and this coffee is incredible.


I tried customized haircare several years ago and wasn't impressed. But Prose is the real deal. I've been hooked on their custom shampoo and conditioner all year and I love their other care products as well. My favorite feature is that you can customize your scent which is great if you're picky. 

Sugar Doh

I will never shave my underarms or legs again. Sugaring at home is SO easy, not painful, and so much more sustainable. 

The Nap Dress from Hill House

I'm fully committed to the Nap Dress life. I have three in the Ellie style and I even got a matching one for Reese. I wore them all summer and I'm excited to break out my tartan one for the holidays. 

Owala Freesip Water Bottle

Handle. Straw. Closed lid. Stainless steel. Literally my perfect water bottle.


$100 off with code D9N8D4

We are Peloton people now and I'm not mad about it. I signed up for a month of spinning at a local studio to make sure I would like it before making the purchase and I'm so glad I did. We've been without the Peloton for the month of November and I can legitimately say that I miss it.

Well Traveled 

Exclusive members-only travel club that's like Trip Advisor but way way way better. Perks include Welcome Gifts, free upgrades, food & beverage credit and more. Fully vetted recommendations as well.


My newsletter! We started it back in March and we've grown an incredible following. It's been such a fun project. 

Matching Nap Dresses FTW

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