Welcome - I'm Alessandra and I'm happy you're here! My husband, Craig, and I live in Charlottesville, VA with our twins Reese and Rowan and our Springer Spaniel pup, Haven. 

We've moved a lot: Dallas > New Haven > Charlottesville > San Francisco > Charlottesville

This blog has been through several revivals and has followed me ever since graduating from college many years ago. It went through a phase as a food blog, a fitness/triathlon blog, and a personal blog. The content here has shifted and swayed as I navigated various seasons of life.

Today I'm all about that #momlife. I've become incredibly passionate about sharing our story and creating a compassionate mom community, especially for twin moms!

I used to be a contributing writer for the San Francisco City Moms Blog
I'm also an Associate for Twin Love Concierge and teach classes for families expecting multiples.

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