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A little while back, I spent the afternoon photographing these adorable girls as a favor to their momma who also happens to be a dear friend. I wanted to work on my photog skills and she wanted pictures - it was a win/win for both parties. I think they turned out great and she gave me permission to share a few on the blog! 

monday musings | 117


>> Did you catch this secret, late night post from yesterday with some big news?? No, no babies.

>> We had some friends over for a big southern brunch this Sunday which was so much fun. I made all sorts of delicious breakfast delicacies such as chicken & waffles (with spicy honey!), grits, bacon, biscuits, and a sausage hash-brown egg casserole. C manned the bar with some homemade bloody mary's and we also served housemade cold brew coffee. Everything turned out great and it was such a treat to have all our friends in one place for a few hours. I'm pretty bummed that we'll all be parting ways in a few weeks.

>> I picked up the Cover FX Custom Cover Drops during the Sephora VIB sale and I'm SO glad I did. I loved the premise and after watching several videos, I had a feeling they would be a beauty favorite. In short, they are pure pigment drops that you can add to any products you already use like moisturizer, tinted moisturizer, primer, and even oil. They are free from all the offensive ingredients which I love. So far, I've loved them best mixed with my primer but it also works well mixed with moisturizer to make my own custom tinted moisturizer with my desired level of coverage. 

The adorable place we'll be renting in Charlottesville!

>> I was in New Orleans two weeks ago on a Teach For America Leadership Journey. It was SUCH an incredible experience and exceeded my expectations. There were a lot of really great moments but one that really stands out was getting to eat at Dooky Chase and meeting Ms. Leah Chase herself. She is such an incredible woman and being in her presence was awe-inspiring. 

>> I didn't know it was actually possible to be obsessed with a pen (or a set of pens) but it has happened. I was introduced to these pens by Ms. Caty Gray when we were in NOLA and I don't understand how I lived without them. Just do yourself a favor and buy a pack pronto.

>> I've been through so many eye primers...apparently I have the world's oiliest eyelids. But finally, Urban Decay came through with this stuff (I have shade Enigma). So good. So matte. Great coverage. 

>> I said I would report back on my experience with Twice (selling clothes online). I sent 18 items in my first bag - 10 were accepted and I was offered $67. Considering what I sent, I was pretty happy with that. I also appreciated that they provided you with feedback on the items they didn't take so that I know for the future. I would definitely recommend it.

>> Last weekend, C and I went to the city to see a play based off my all-time favorite book from high school, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time. The play was SO good, everything from the stage, to the lighting, to the acting, all the way to the adaptation itself. Just amazing. Go see it if you can.

>> Now that the weather is shaping up, I'm determined to get outside more regularly for a run/walk situation. I've been really into podcasts lately (send me recommendations!) which will keep me totally engaged for a solid 45 minutes. I also got new running shoes (and a great fitting!) which makes working out that much more fun!

we're moving (again!)


This post has been a long time coming. I've often wondered what it would be like to write these words and finally be looking forward to a longer term plan for our lives. Ever since C and I met almost four years ago, we've been in a state of transition - taking the GMAT, applying to MBA programs, choosing a school, visiting the school, moving to CT, getting married, starting school, looking for a summer internship, spending 10 weeks apart for the summer, looking for a job... it's been intense.

We are over the moon excited to announce that this summer, we'll be moving to Charlottesville, VA! C has accepted a job and I couldn't be more proud. He has worked so, so hard towards this goal and never wavered. Even more, we'll be moving to such an amazing city and have plans to spend a long, long time there. 

The thought of finally being able to put some roots down and settle in somewhere is so exhilarating - I think it's been something we've been craving for a long time. Stability. A church. A triathlon team (again!). A home!! 

We've found a place to rent for a year while we look for a house. It's the cutest little spot in this adorable neighborhood. Moving plans are all set and everything is coming together. I'm also feeling very fortunate to be able to keep my job through December and work remotely. 

For those of you who have been following along on this blog, thank you for all your support and encouragement. We're ready for this new chapter! 

monday musings | 116


>> Last week/end got a little cray and by the time Sunday night rolled around I was completely uninterested in opening up my computer to let's catch up. 

>> First of all, in the last few days of March it managed to snow here in CT TWICE! It was insane. We went to dinner with friends at Briq and it had already been snowing all day and was STILL snowing when we walked out. 

>> Luckily Sunday shaped up because I had a date with my mom and mother-in-law in the city to see the new spring Rockettes show. It was SO good and we had such a great time catching up over brunch. The weather was decent (sunny!) so I was thrilled to be getting some fresh air.

>> Also fun story, C and I won a dinner at the Yale Internship Fund auction last year to have dinner with Jeffrey Garten (yes, Ina's husband!!) at Union League. We finally got a date on the books and enjoyed such a great meal with him. He's really as cute as he is on TV and very down to earth. C is a TA for one of his classes as well.

>> We did a bit of driving this weekend (down to Baltimore and Charlottesville) so I downloaded Tina Fey's audio book Bossypants (from the library!) for the car and REALLY enjoyed it. The fact that she reads the book totally makes it. I've heard that Amy Poeller's new book is great in audio format as well since she's also the reader.

>> This sweater from GAP is everything. I want it in every color. It has the perfect oversized fit and it's super soft. I love how cozy yet springy it is. I got the pink color but they are such a great price right now that I may need to scoop up another.

>> I would have never picked out these colors on their own but I couldn't resist this Bite duo at the Sephora check out. Turns out, they are both the perfect nude on me (fig/date) and for only $12 it's a steal. Have you ever finished an entire lip product anyway??

>> Lots of car time also means lots of time for me to catch up on some podcasts. I discovered this blog from Jessica Murnane's podcast and it's just stunning. Great food photography gets me every time.

>> I have not been to the grocery store in like three weeks but I'm resolving to fix that by going and grabbing some essentials tonight. I'm thinking about resurrecting some tried and true recipes and maybe even a mason jar salad to get us through this week.

>> I've been super into simplifying and minimizing (I typed out minimalizing and then realized that was wrong...). Basically, I'm coming to terms with throwing things out and letting go. I sent a whole box of clothes that I haven't worn in 2 years to Twice and I'm pumped to see how much money I get. I'm also resolving to not let my blog reader fill up. I'm going to clear all unread posts each month. Yes, I may miss something but I'll feel a lot less overwhelmed.
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