monday musings.

1. I had another successful club workout on Saturday - bike/run workout. I’m not usually loving it while I’m doing it, but afterwards, I’m always so glad I got my butt to the workout and gave it my best.

2. My friends Sarah and Andrew are having a baby! I attended their navy&white, beach themed shower this weekend and it was really perfect. I gave them a stack of all the best children’s books that I picked out at Half Price Books. I thought it was sweet that the books had been well-loved by many children before Baby Beard. I really hope he/she enjoys them!

3. Otherwise, the weekend was filled with errands and a sweet date night at Mi Cocina.

4. I’m considering taking up stationary making! I love writing notes to friends on cute custom stationary versus hunting down the perfect Hallmark card (C’s specialty). I found out that you can purchase blank notecards from Paper Source for $5 for a pack of 25! All I need is an embossing gun and to start my stamp collection!

5. Sally and Roger were adorable on Mad Men last night…well until she caught Roger with Meagan’s mom…awkward. Does she even know what that is? I wonder if she’ll tattle.

6. Mr. Don Draper himself plays Ted in Bridesmaids…I didn’t realize that until we re-watched it this weekend. It’s strange to see Don (Jon Hamm) in such a different role.

7. Have you heard of this new show, VEEP? It’s a show about the Vice President (VEEP) Selina Meyer played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus. We started watching it (it comes on right after Game of Thrones) and it’s pretty funny. The lines are quick and sharp and I really do love Julia’s character.

8. And yes…I’m still attempting to catch up with Game of Thrones but it doesn’t really help that I’m always multi-tasking while trying to watch it….

9. If you think my little sister should start a blog when she graduates, leave a comment!

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