monday musings.

1. I made these loaded cookie bar things this weekend. Insane. You need to make them.

2. I also made this pizza dough last week. So easy and it’s even recommended that you make it ahead of time and leave it in the fridge. Perfect for a busy schedule!

3. Did some damage online at the JCrew sale. Retail therapy…is there anything better? Well…maybe those bars in #1.

4. 41 days left until race day. Oh. Man.

5. C coached two more lacrosse games this weekend. I snapped some pics of Sunday’s game. I just really love watching C with those kids. He’s so great with them!

6. I’m about to finish my Provisional Year for Junior League and I just got my placement this weekend. I’ll be completing my 60 hours of volunteer work at the Dallas Zoo! So excited!!

7. Saturday night we ended up restaurant hopping in Bishop Arts - we started with drinks at Bolsa and ended up at Tillmans for dinner (my first time!). Some mix up in the kitchen left us finally eating at 10:15pm but it was worth it. We had the amazing french fry trio, then I had kick-butt ribs and mac&cheese, and then we begged the waiter for a half portion of the D.I.Y. S’Mores. Amazing. It ended up being a really sweet date night.

8. I was on a cleaning kick this weekend when to my dismay, the batteries in my Swiffer Mop decided to give out. Totally killed my cleaning flow. Down the tubes that went.

9. After our group ride on Saturday, I learned all about what to tell C when he’s changing my flat tire…

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