{triathlon training} week 1

Week 1 of training is almost complete! We have a REALLY intense workout tomorrow morning which involved an open water swim, a bike andddd a run! Not entirely sure I’ll still be standing after that.

Here’s a look at how I did this week:

Monday - 30 min run (pshhh easy)

Tuesday - Group Swim — I was nervous for this but I think it went really well! As long as I can work on pacing and practice in open water this weekend, I think the swim will be ok. I think I can swim 25 meters in about 35 seconds (at a moderate pace).

Wednesday - 30 min bike (another pshhh easy…with my new pink bar tape!!)

Thursday - Group Track — Running is my LEAST favorite part of the triathlon. I was nervous for the track workout because I was pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to keep up. We run at 3 paces 80% (a sustainable 5k pace), 90% (a sustainable 2 mile pace), 100% (a sustainable 1-2 lap pace). Yesterday, I was coming in around 2:19 - 2:22 for an 80% pace. I even managed to complete a 400m in 1:54!! Sometimes I surprise myself…

Friday - OFF!

Saturday - The death workout…

51 days left!

The coaches with Playtri have been awesome and they are very encouraging. Thankfully though I’ll have C with me tomorrow at this insane workout…you know…just in case I die. He’s my emergency contact anyway…

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