great lengths | part I

I would like my hair to be long now. Please and thank you.

But my hair grows at a snail’s pace and it drives me nuts. I like change just as much as the next girl but I frequently find myself chopping off 7-8 inches of hair and then promptly regretting it the next week.

Why, oh WHY do I do this to myself?

Below I’ve included a handy timeline that documents my hair growth and my irreversible decision to keep cutting it off just as it reaches it’s peak length. You’ll see below that I chopped my hair in 2008 and it wasn’t until July 2011 that it finally got nice and long again (with minimal trimming). Just when I’ve survived the painful years it took to grow it out…there I go again cutting it just mere weeks later.

I have issues.

There have been tears involved.

Considerations of extensions. Vitamins. Treatments.

Then, just when my long, beautiful ponytail reaches the middle of my back, I take a scissor to it and chop it off…

…calmly reminding myself that it’s just hair

…and it will grow back

…in the next millenium.

It’s not that I don’t like my shorter hair, I’m just getting sick of it. It was fun and cute for some time and now it’s just annoying.

So, self, this is your very visible, public reminder to STOP DOING THIS. Two, maybe three…even four inches will suffice. Because inevitably, dear self, you are going to regret it. And in two years when you hair has grown a whole three inches…you’ll be wishing you would have taken this advice.

In the meantime, I’m doing everything I can to “care” for my hair and encourage growing. Check back tomorrow for my hair care favorites.

And no, I’ve never died or highlighted my hair. Yes, I feel blessed…I just wish I was also blessed with speedy hair growth.

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