monday musings.

1. Guess what, I worked out. Every. Single. Day. this week. And not a wimpy workout. I ran for 30 minutes, biked for an hour, swam for an hour…I made it happen (with a little of C’s help). I’m pretty dang proud of myself. Just throwing that out there. Triathlon, what?

2. We went to hibachi in Addision this weekend on a random whim. Those places are hilarious.

3. Hunger Games was AWESOME last monday. Loved every second of it.

4. Mad Men warmed up a little bit last night although I kind of felt like I was watching a Mad Men SNL skit in which they made Betty wear a fat suit. It was kinda awkward. And Roger is really on a downward spiral. Poor guy.

4.5. Game of Thrones started last night. I have absolutely no idea what’s going on but I’m watching it with C like the good, supportive GF that I am.

5. We made this Skinny Alfredo pasta last week and it turned out great! (minus the part where I overcooked the chicken and it tasted like rubber…win some, lose some)

6. I also made these brown butter banana bread cookies this weekend. C swears he HATES banana bread and said he would NOT be eating them. He has since consumed at least 10 cookies and says they are one of the best things he’s ever had. Boo-ya.

7. Austin for the long weekend? Eh, we’re still trying to decide.

8. I am NOT ready for Texas summer weather…it’s already starting. Ugh. Heat. Kill me.

9. I should probably start playing a little golf before it starts to be 1000 degrees.

10. I still want a dog.

11. Got some sexy stuff for the tri this weekend at the HUGE SALE at Richardson Bike Mart sale. Score.

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