{triathlon training} week 3

So week three is coming to an end. As of today, its 37 days until race day. Training is still fun but this week had a few hiccups which is definitely discouraging. Hoping week 4 goes a little better.

Monday - 1hr weights — This time I hit up the C’s gym instead which was deserted and I had a much easier time completing the workout. I added in a few moves of my own to strengthen my core. I also have to admit that I cheated a little and really only did about 30 minutes. Win some, lose some.

Tuesday - Group Swim — We’re now swimming at our usual location (not SMU) and it’s an outdoor pool. C assured me that it was heated and the swim was actually quiet pleasant outside, under the sunset. However, the heater was NOT in effect that night and we. were. freezing. It was probably 73 degrees. Most pools people are in the mid 80s…so we’re talking 10 degrees colder. In fact, I slept in a long sleeve shirt and long pants because I STILL wasn’t warm at 11pm. But the swim itself went well. I definitely feel like my swim fitness is getting better.

Wednesday - 1hr bike — Let’s just say the 30 minutes I did complete didn’t go so well…

Thursday - Group Track — This is the first group track workout where I had to walk. It was hot (90 degrees) and the air was stale. It definitely made for a tough workout and I was struggling. These kinds of workouts are a bit discouraging but everyone says I will adjust to the heat…let’s hope I adjust soon.

Friday - 1hr bike — I’m hoping it’s not as hot today so I’ll be able to get in an enjoyable ride after work.

Saturday - Club Bike/Run — Another club workout with the pros…hopefully I can survive this one!

Sunday - Off! YAY!

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