{triathlon training} week 2

Sunday - Off! (Recovering from Saturday’s insane workout…)

Monday - 30 min weights — I don’t belong to a gym. However, The Village (apt complex where I live) does have a “Country Club” with a “gym”. This so called “gym” serves maybe 10-15 different properties! Do you know how many people that is?! And the “gym” is all of 500 sq ft. But, I don’t own any dumb bells or other gym equipment so I didn’t really have a choice when I saw weights on the schedule. So, with my list of exercises to accomplish, I headed for the “gym”. Struggle city. I could barely find a spare piece of floor space to do the exercises. I managed several squats, lunges and calf raises and then attempted to tackle the rest all the while dodging over zealous “muscle men” who thought they were all that. I’m going to have to find another solution for future weights workouts…

Tuesday - Group Swim — The group swim was another success this week. It was tougher than last week as we did more continuous distance but I feel like I’m getting better…which is really all that matters right? I found out that I can swim 100m in 2:10 which I feel pretty good with. Not let’s just hope I can do that 5 times….and actually complete the 500m without drowning.

Wednesday - 45 min Bike (moderate pace) — I wasn’t exactly looking forward to this ride seeing as how I was already feeling the affects of the weights and swim (see Wednesday’s post) but I diligently loaded my bike onto my Mini and headed out the the lake. The ride felt good and I was comfortable keeping up a 15-16 mph pace for about 7 miles (excluding the warm-up).

Thursday - Group Track — I hate running. And guess what, this time at track, I still hated running. But it was a good workout. David gave me the “best pacer” award because I successfully completed 4 back to back 400m in exactly 2:28 minutes. I’m hoping each week to see some improvement and hopefully be able to sustain a 9-9:30 min mile for the entire 5k.

Friday - OFF!! — Thank goodness because I’m due for a break.

Saturday - Group Bike

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