monday musings.

1. I feel like the last week/weekend has been SUCH a whirlwind…

2. We spent Labor Day weekend in Austin. C was at triathlon camp and I spent a lot of time lounging. I even managed to get in a sunburn…and a workout.

3. It is becoming apparent to me that the majority of people on the road have NO idea how to drive. That number multiplies as soon as someone gets on the phone. Oy.

4. While in Austin, we finally made it to Homeslice for some delish pizza despite the crowds. We obviously stopped at Amy’s afterwards.

5. HOLY HOT! It was close to 7000 degrees in Austin. So much for a “cooler” September…

6. SUPER excited about my new DSLR lens (Nikon 55-200mm VR). I’ve tested one out before and loved it so I finally took the plunge and purchased one on eBay. It arrived at work today! Only wish I could have had it in Austin to take pics of Monday’s race!

7. My small group (aka Bible study) is starting a new book this week that I’m actually VERY excited about - Searching for God Knows What by Donald Miller (author of Blue Like Jazz which I have yet to read).

8. I’m also currently crushing on cookbooks. While I love compiling my own filled with recipes I’ve found all over the universe, there is something to be said for an “old-fashioned” cookbook filled with stunning foodtography. What are you favorite cookbooks?

9. One of my favorite bloggers just came out with this book, White Jacket Required, which is half auto-biography, half cookbook. MUST PURCHASE.

10. I may or may not have had a friend ask me if I would go engagement ring shopping with her. I find this to be an incredibly appropriate event. Have you ever done this?

11. Are red jeans still “in”? I’m about to buy some.

12. In the next few weeks, a new (furry) roommate will be moving in…?

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