monday musings.

1. This past week proved to be rough one. Because of a inconsistent schedule and general laziness, I completed a whopping 3 workouts this week out of the scheduled 9…

2. So now I’m feeling all guilty about missing my workouts so I promptly make myself a little bowl of single serve cookie dough…

3. Which, in turn, I feel terrible about eating and now feel even worse about missing my workouts. It’s a vicious cycle.

4. I vow to be more productive this week not only at work but also in completing my workouts. You heard it here folks!

5. I haven’t bought actual groceries in like…three weeks. We’re living on pasta, cereal and take out. I’m weirdly really ok with it.

6. BUT I did a record breaking 8 loads of laundry yesterday that included all the sheets and towels and even the blankets from the couch. Score. That counts as at least half a workout, right?

7. I still want literally everything at Lululemon. Everything. Someone please buy me a gift card.

8. I have officially been named godmother to the most adorable little mini goldendoodle puppy. Because everyone knows the role of aunt/uncle/godparent/grandparent is better than being the actual parent most of the time. Get ready to be showered in gifts little Duncan!

9. The Emmy’s? More awkward than entertaining. I’m convinced Julie Bowen’s dress would make an amazing wedding dress in white. I mean she’s stunning but can you imagine if it was white? Just saying.

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