the stuff on my fave part II

I feel like it’s time for an update since I last posted about the stuff on my face. I was reading my cyber-blogger-friend’s post about her make-up faves and I realized I was due for an update since a few things have changed.

Stuff I’m Still Using:

I’m still loving Bobbi Brown’s Tinted Eye Brightener except that every time I run out, I cringe because that tiny tube is so dang expensive. By alas, I can’t live without it. I mean that stupid tube only holds 0.05 oz and it costs $38. But I guess you can’t put a price on magic.

I’m also still loving on my NARS Laguna Bronzer. I mean, it just works. All year round. Why mess with perfection?

I still use that Clinique Touch Base for Eyes as a primer but I’m not really loving it lately. It seems to have dried out on me. I did like the fact that it acted as primer and I could get away with wearing it like a shadow.

New Stuff:

When Bobbi got on the BB Cream bandwagon, I was pumped. I immediately went out and got a sample of her new BB Cream. Her Oil-Free Tinted Moisturizer was a previous favorite but it was still leaving my skin oily by 2pm. Even though the BB Cream has more sunscreen in it, it somehow manages to BETTER control oil. Yea, don’t ask me how that works but I’m officially loving it.

While browsing the counters at Nordstrom one weekend, I easily got talked into a new mascara and eyeliner. I’m a huge fan of gel liner (in navy blue preferably) and I was hooked on my Bobbi Brown Gel Liner pot but I was noticing that it had started to dry up (granted I think I’ve had it for a year…). The cutest make-up artist at the Trish McEvoy counter got me hooked on this gel liner pencil(but she applys it with a brush which is what I now do). The color is intense and it stays in place all day without fading. Love. I’m also digging the Trish McEvoy Volumizing Mascara. Comes off in little tubes! No more raccoon eyes!

Ok so this isn’t make-up but it might as well be. It’s essentially a good 8-hours of sleep in a tube disguised as Kiehl’s Eye Alert. Just buy some and trust me.

Stuff On My Wishlist:

I’ve been using NARS Orgasmand this Bobbi Blush in Pale Pink for a long while now. I’m in a blush rut. I really loved this coral-y color from Benefit but don’t feel like buying it again and I’m on the market for something like it. Suggestions? Something likethis one maybe? Or maybe I should just get that palette over there that has Orgasm and Laguna already in it. Simple.

I have a weird obsession with lipstick. Which is kind of silly because it never lasts more than 30 minutes and you can’t kiss anyone with it on. I bought this Bobbi lipstick in Blondie Pink and hated it. Then liked it. Then hated it. Now I love it. It’s a process. I wear it to work and feel very grown-up. I’m also really into Matte lipsticks. Gloss be-gone. These NARS pencils are insane. I have the Dragon Girl and it NEVER COMES OFF. EVER. Red lips forever. I need more colors. Like neon pink. Yes.

Any other stuff out there that I should try? I’m an easy sell.

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