monday musings.

1. I literally cannot resist Lululemon items when they go on sale. Even if it’s like $4 off…I just convince myself that I have to have it. This is slowly becoming an issue. I’m not going to be able to afford food.

2. So C is living it up working his butt off in Australia right now…We FaceTime’d this morning and he was just going to bed (it was 10:30pm on Monday night there) and I was just waking up…so weird. It’s like he’s living in the future!

3. Anxiously awaiting his return on Thursday so we can head to MD for his BFFs wedding! #worldtraveler

4. Then after the wedding, there will be a new furry roommate…

5. Holy amazing weather!! This weekend was glorious. I headed out to the lake on Saturday morning at 7am for our weekly Open Water Swim practice. It was 61 degrees! And I actually thought I was freezing. The water in the lake was significantly warmer than the air.

6. However, it was SOOOOO windy! There were actually whitecaps on the lake which made for pretty treacherous swimming and biking. The cooler temps and warm sunshine definitely made up for it though. Definitely felt like the best brick workout yet.

7. WHY is this mascara so amazing? The most adorable make-up artist at the Trish McEvoy counter at Nordstrom convinced me I had to have it. She convinced me I needed this eyeliner (in Arabian Nights) which I’m also now obsessed with as well. She also has the most adorable blog.

8. Oh compression socks/sleeves…why do I love you so?

9. I magically woke up at 7:30am on Sunday. Checked the weather. 59 degrees. I promptly jumped out of bed and had one of the best runs ever. (They’ll be even more fun with our furry friend…)

10. We’re dating.
C, are you going to kill me for posting this?

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