monday musings.

1. It’s President’s Day and even though a good chunk of the world gets this day off and even though the markets are closed….here I sit, at my desk, attempting to do work. Ugh.

2. Needtobreathe was in Dallas. I missed the concert. On Thursday. Oh and also, on Friday. I think I’ve seen them close to 7 times in concert. So bummed I didn’t make it this time.

3. It’s BIRTHDAY WEEK! C says we have a weekend of festivities planned. EEK!

4. I need to choose my Junior League Volunteer placement soon. Cuddle babies in the NICU? Assist with riding lessons for special needs kids? Answer questions for visitors at the Zoo? Help with kids programs at the Museum of Nature and Science? So many great options!

5. I hate running.

6. I ran a 5K this weekend and thought I was going to die.

7. Tennis anyone?

8. Is it possible to just not be cut out for exercising?

9. I want to make these for breakfast, oh and these, and then make this for lunch, and then this for dinner, but we’ll have this for an app, and end with these for dessert.

10. Then I’m going on a diet.

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