{run} day 3

It was 40 degrees this morning but I bundled up and hit the Katy Trail at 6:15am this morning. Guys…I am NOT a morning person. I stay in bed until the very last second possible and then I practically drag myself into the shower…if only there was a seat in my shower. BUT…6am hasn’t been that hard! I know this probably sounds crazy but it actually feels a little bit…good. I’m not rushed in the morning. I have time for coffee and even breakfast. I get to snuggle C. It’s really actually been kind of nice. (I can’t even believe I’m saying this.)

Do not mistake this for me proclaiming myself as a morning person though. I am still perfectly content sleeping until 10am on the weekends and not removing my PJs until just after noon. Don’t judge. But, this three days a week, 6am thing is starting to grow on me. However, get back to me on Day 10 to see how I feel….

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