This is probably this 65th blog post I’ve either written or thought about writing…about running. Clearly, me and running have a love/hate relationship. I’ve tried (at irregular intervals) to “get into running”. I’ve run a 5k, signed up for another 5k in Feb, and tried running apps. I just can’t stick with it! I have those cute Lululemon running shorts, snazzy Nike Free running shoes and all the best pump-it-up mixesand yet, I still fail to stick to a consistent running schedule.

Pros of Running:
Good for your heart and general health.
Makes you stronger which in turn makes you look better.
Boosts your metabolism.
Keeps your energy up.
Good excuse to get outside in the fresh air.

Cons of Running:
It’s hard and it hurts.
I haven’t built up a good endurance so my runs feel pathetic.
I get bored/lonely.
It takes a long time to get in a “good workout”.
I don’t have a good running route.

And yet, here I am, resolving to try running…again.This time, I’m shooting for 6am, 3 days a week. I’m putting an incentive structure in place.

If I can stick to this schedule for three weeks….I’m getting a bike. How many days does it take to develop a habit….?

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