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Shortly after finding out that we were pregnant, I felt like I was already huge. At the time I just thought that maybe I was further along than I had originally thought. At 7 weeks, my jeans already didn't fit and anything around my waist, including leggings, was super uncomfortable. Little did I know that I was already feeling big because we were having twins! Needless to say, I've needed to make some clothing adjustments more quickly than most people with a singleton pregnancy. Now, at 18 weeks, I am measuring like someone who is 26(!) weeks pregnant.

While the hairband trick got me through a few weeks, it didn't last long. I caved and started wearing maternity jeans around 9 weeks. Below are some of the things I've been loving so far as I adapt to my changing body.

There have been a few key items making this stage of pregnancy more comfortable. I love that all of these items aren't maternity specific and will definitely get a lot of use after the twins arrive.

>> Storq: I currently have the bra, leggings, and tank. While these basics fall on the slightly pricier side, they are SO worth it. None of the items scream maternity and they are supremely soft. I love that the tank is thick, study, and stretchy. I especially love that the leggings can be rolled down below the bump or pulled all the way up. The bar is perfect especially for the ever changing shape of the new "girls".

>> Old Navy: While I've been trying to limit my purchases from "fast fashion", I just couldn't pass up these luxe tees. They have the perfect drape and are super soft. I currently cannot tolerate any scratchy, itchy fabrics so softness is key. They wash up great, just make sure to line dry them. I picked up three in a small to accommodate what I know will be a massive bump as I move into the third trimester.

Maternity jeans are both amazing and horrible. I've tried on several pairs and luckily found a few gems. I've much preferred with below bump band so far but who knows how long that will last. The GAP ones didn't work for me and Old Navy never carried a size below 16 (so weird?!).

>> Madewell Maternity Jeans: I'd heard Madewell did maternity jeans but was convinced I would never spend that much on jeans. However, I should have known I would love them because every other regular pair of jeans I own are from Madewell (mostly purchased on sale or secondhand). It was love at first try-on with these. They do sit very low so that can take some getting used to but I love that they have a regular button (but are pull-on!) so I can still do the "front-tuck" with my shirts.

>> Topshop Boyfriend Jeans: I stumbled on these when browsing Nordstrom and after having little luck with cheaper styles (under $50) I decided to pull the trigger. (Bonus: They went on sale 3 days later and Nordstrom gave me a credit!). These. are. amazing. They are super soft and have a great fit. They aren't too tight and have plenty of stretch. I'm so so happy to find a super comfy pair of jeans.

Typically, I'm not a dress person - jeans and tees all the way. However,  I've been loving dresses during this stage. I think it's so cute to see pregnant women in fitted tee dresses that really show off the bump. I'm also loving midi length dresses which I think look great in fitted styles, makes everything look a little less skimpy. I've scooped up several dresses from the non-maternity sections at places like GAP, Madewell, and JCrew. I love using Poshmark to browse for tee dresses (use code NXBIR for $5 off your first purchase).

This trend really works in your favor when you're pregnant because you can essentially wear lounge/workout clothes and call it a put together outfit. And so many brands are making styles now to take you from gym to street.

>>Athleta: I picked up this pair of pants (yay for stretchy waistbands) and this skort recently. The pants are amazing because they are comfy, look more put together than sweatpants, but aren't as constricting as jeans (I'm wearing them now as I type this). The skort is great because again, stretchy, and also looks like you made an effort even though it's just like wearing shorts.

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