it's a boy and a girl

Pretty much as soon as we found out we were having fraternal twins, I was anxious to know the gender. For some reason with two babies in there, I just really needed to know. I also felt like knowing the gender would make everything seem a bit more real. It was hard for me to really envision those tiny humans in there without picturing boys or girls.

I was thrilled to find out we'd be having out anatomy scan at around 18 weeks - 2 weeks earlier than normal. As the days ticked away, I could barely handle the wait. I've been asked a lot if I had a feeling about their gender and I just really didn't. I honestly had no clue and no hunch. That is, until the night before our ultrasound, I had a super vivid dream that the ultrasound tech said, "It's going to be a boy and a girl!" So when I woke up on Monday morning, I was convinced that was what we were having. So bizarre!

The appointment was late in the afternoon so it was hard to stay focused throughout the day. Our last ultrasound was around 11 weeks so in general, I was just feeling anxious to see them and make sure everything was a-ok.

I made sure to let the tech know right away that we were hoping to know gender. Since most of our appointments have been a little on the early side, they sometimes give us a hard time about getting the right pictures. After a few measurements and some poking / proding, she asked us if we were SURE that we wanted to find out. We agreed that yes, we wanted to know. She said she's only had 3 twin moms in something like 15 years ever want to keep it a surprise.

And sure enough, just as my dream predicted - a boy and a girl!

Honestly, the moment was somewhat anticlimactic. I mean, in any instance, we were going to be thrilled. So we just kind of smiled and relished the moment while she kept taking measurements and pictures.

After that super long ultrasound (so many tiny body parts times two!), we spent the next 45 minutes reviewing our baby names list and it suddenly became really hard! The idea of committing to a name for the rest of these kid's lives is intense.

So there you go - one of each! It's funny how many people have responded with, "Oh how perfect! You're all set!" as if all we need is a white picket fence to be the perfect complete family. I'm just happy that they are growing and healthy (and that I can browse tiny baby clothes!).

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