I have this relationship with the food network.

The Food Network and I, well we have this thing…it’s definitely more than a fling. I mean, we really like each other. We used to spend hours of quality time together…

Then we broke up. “It’s me, not you!” I exclaimed, as I picked up the phone to cancel my cable. Our relationship was just too expensive.

But in all seriousness, I do love the Food Network (and HGTV) for that matter. Ask C. He always knows who was watching the TV last because nine times out of 10, when he turns it on…it’s on Food Network or HGTV.

I’ve come to develop a real fascination with some of the chefs. In my other life, I would have potentially pursued a career in culiary arts. As kids, my sister and I used to set up the video camera and tape ourselves hosting cooking shows on “TV”.

We begged my mom to get us a set of those teeny tiny glass prep bowls.

I mean, it’s totally necessary to have each and every spice, garlic clove and egg in it’s own tiny bowl.

We weren’t the ones doing the dishes anyway.

(Someday, I WILL have my own personal dishwasher and an unlimited supply of always clean bowls and spatulas.)

Several of my favorite chefs have stunning restaurants that I’ve been dying to frequent. Though I’m pretty sure most of them are not personally cooking my dinner, their influence is still a part of their food. For me, it’s not always the meal that wins me over but the ambiance/personality of the place.

Side Note: I would like to have lunch at Ina Garten’s house. Do y’all watch Barefoot Contessa? You know how she’s always cooking for guests and talking about her amazing friends…someday, I want to be invited over. She doesn’t have a restaurant but I bet a meal at her house just might beat all the rest.

I’d take a meal at Giada’s house as well. She has the most adorable family…

I’m dying to try:

Tyler Florence’s - Wayfare Tavern | San Francisco, CA

He’s always tweeting pictures of his AMAZING meals and I just can’t wait to check out the place. How cute is it?? I also love his show, Tyler’s Ultimate.

Alex Guarnaschelli’s - Butter | New York, NY

Emeril Lagasse’s - Emeril’s | New Orleans, LA

This is the restaurant that started it all for Emeril and the FIRST cooking show my sister and I really watched. Do you remember the old Emeril episodes where he had the live audience and he would scream “BAM!” and the everyone would go nuts…?

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