monday musings.

1. I have a moderately long “to-do” list at work today but I canNOT for the life of me get motivated to work!

2. I keep the apartment SUPA cold at night. I LOVE snuggling under a big fluffy comforter even when it’s summer time.

3. I HATE that you have to wash new towels like 496 times before all the fuzz is gone. When I dry my face/hands/body, I don’t want blue fuzz stuck all over me! The defeats the point of a shower!!

4. I’m so completely and utterly lost with what’s going on in True Blood. But I keep watching…

5. TLC has this show called My Big Fat AMERICAN GYPSY Wedding. So many missing brain cells…..

6. On Wednesday, golf balls fell from the sky. Yes, actual golf balls…made out of ice. My car was the very unfortunate victim of this phenomenon. Ugh.

7. I miss this and this chica a whole lot. (Spring Break circa 2010 - Mexico)

8. Triathlon training starts today….again. So yeah. I’ve decided to do it again. I sorta like it…

9. I almost took a “mental health day” today. Can you still do that in the real world? I totally remember begging my mom to let me stay home in high school because “it was all just too much!” and I needed a “mental health day”. #dramaqueen

10. You need to follow @face_baby on Instagram if it’s the last thing you do. I can only hope that my kid is half as cute as this one.

11. I’m apparently really bad at applying self tanning lotion. Talk about streaky mess! Must be better next time.

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