monday musings.

1. It’s amazing how new workout clothes totally “re”motivate me to workout. (C also scored some sweet new shoes and now can’t wait to go for a run!)

This weekend’s purchases:
Nike Running Fast Pace Tank - $28 - I like the that SUPER thin material doesn’t cling to super sweaty skin.
Nike Slim Fit Women’s Training Shorts - $42

2. I also cannot resist a JCrew sale and totally stocked up on some new work clothes. When everything is 70% off, how can you say no?

3. Oh. my. gee. Mad Men finale was amazing. By far, best episode YET! Few things: 
  • Poor Don is hallucinating again…
  • I’m a little over Meghan’s “woe is me” issues. 
  • Pete is on a downward spiral…watch out Trudy! That apartment in NYC will only be trouble. 
  • Maybe Betty should get some electroshock therapy…
  • Meghan’s mom. Whoa. 
  • So Don does the “right thing” and helps Meghan get the part…so do we think that’s Meghan’s blonde friend at the end who tries to proposition Don to sabotage Meghan. Oh la la Don…
  • How long before Peggy is back at Sterling, Cooper, Draper, Price4. We said a bittersweet farewell to our sweet friend, Natalie, this weekend as she embarks on a new journey in DC! Can’t wait to go visit her! 
5. To send her off, we gifted her this lovely, limited-edition Diptyque candle. Smells divine.

6. I have never felt so many packages of various thread-count sheets in. my. life. White sheets, as a matter of fact.

7. I may or may not have been bit by the triathlon bug. My competitive spirit is forcing me to potentially add more races/training to the calendar in order to beat my time. Texas, bring on those 115 degree days…training continues.

8. We legitimately like organizing/cleaning. Especially little boxes/bins FOR EVERYTHING. C tackled this project this weekend…

9. Truth:

10. I have officially decided that I canNOT live without this stuff. Sleep or no sleep, it’s a lifesaver.

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