day 0

Moving is such a complicated thing. We would know, we've moved every 2 years for the last 6 years. We've done it all sorts of ways. For this adventure, we opted to go for your typical huge moving company and enjoy their packing services as well. Because we don't have an apartment lined up in San Fran yet, our belongings have to be stored until we have a place to live. All in, the total number was not pretty and at the end of the day, we have no idea if our stuff will even make it!

So Day 0, Saturday, started out with an early morning wake up call and no power. We took the dog for a walk to Starbucks (why doesn't Bodo's open until 8am?!) and hurried back to meet the movers. They gave us an arrival window of 8-9am and by 8:45am we were getting pretty anxious. They showed up at 8:59am - naturally.

Lucky we had a great crew and they got right to work packing. They were very friendly and loved Haven which was a bonus. (PS. Haven got some puppy Xanex to help ease the transition.) It was annoying to not have power but not the end of the world.

Once things were well underway, I headed out with Haven to a local coffee shop to do a little bit of work and give her a break from the chaos. Naturally, as soon as I left, the power came back but we had already disconnected the internet so it was a moot point.

Amazingly, the movers wrapped up around 3pm and we took some time to clean up and toss/donate all the items they couldn't move. We dropped off some goodies for our dear neighbors, Julia and Hamid, and then made the decision to get in a few hours of driving since it was only 5pm.

We decided on Huntington, WV as our first destination purely because it was about 4.5 hours away and that seemed like a doable drive in the evening. Packing the car was actually a breeze thanks to our new rooftop carrier. The pup has her big bed back there and all the non-essentials went in the roof. In case you missed a beat, we traded in the Toyota 4Runner for a Subarbu Outback a few weeks ago because the 4Runner is a bit unruly especially in a city and also hard to get carseats in an out of.

And that was that! We arrived at our hotel (a lovely Holiday Inn hosting both a wedding party AND a 1972 high school class reunion) around 11pm and promptly hit the sheets.

Haven did great and enjoyed sleeping on the bed (a king!) something she's never really allowed to do at home.

Our plan for today is to head to St. Louis which is about 7 hours straight. With our frequent stopping, we should make it there by early evening.

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