day 1: kansas city

708 miles.

Our first full day of driving was...interesting! We had our sights set on St. Louis. The day started out fine, uneventful. We started listening to our audiobook, Bringing Up Bebe. Before you start giving Craig a hard time for being willing to listen to this book, hear me out. It's actually super interesting and informative. It's told in a story format vs. "self-help" format which makes it interesting. I had already started reading it but stopped when I realized it would make a fun car book.

Shortly into our morning journey, we spotted a BABY BEAR on the side of the road attempting to cross from under the guard rail. He was pretty cute. I hope he made it across to be reunited with his momma.

There have been some great rest stops along our route where we can get out and run around with the dog in the grass. Haven has been doing really well and enjoys checking out all the new smells at each stop.

Around 11am when we were about 2 hours outside St. Louis, we decided that we could definitely but in more hours and changed our plans to end up in Kansas City which only added 3.5 hours to our day. (All in, we ended up driving for about 10.5 hours and it really wasn't that bad!)

Shortly after adjusting our route, we decided to make a stop for lunch and planned to get out of the car to sit outside for some fresh air. Literally 2 minutes from the exit, Craig proclaims that we have just...RAN OUT OF GAS! Let me just say, it's a miracle I wasn't driving because I would have NEVER heard the end of it. Somehow, our miles-to-empty estimation went from 40 miles to 0 miles in a minute and then just puttered out.

We managed to pull over under an underpass to wait out a fuel drop off. Luckily we were parked in the shade because it was pretty hot by this point in the day. It was definitely a little nerve wracking with all the trucks speeding by but within about 25 minutes, Rick from Rick's Towing, was able to fill us up and get us on our way. We have never run out of gas because so this was definitely interesting. I tried not to be too hard on Craig about it and we ended up having a pretty good laugh a few hours later.

We finally made it to Panera for some sub-par lunch and then got back on the road. New rule, get gas every chance we get!

We arrived in Kansas City around 8pm. Our room at the Sheraton came with access to the Club Lounge so we were able to get some appetizers before winding down for the night with the latest episode of Game of Thrones.

We're finishing up our breakfast now and plan to drive to Fort Collins, CO today (about 9 hours). Onward!

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