monday musings.

>> It wouldn't be monday without more snow! My office is closed for the 3rd monday in a row and I'm honestly getting pretty tired of this. Our driveway is a sheet of ice about 3 inches thick that probably won't melt until June. I should have never wished for snow...

>> I've been really into watching YouTube videos from beauty vloggers. A few of my favorites include Essie Button, Ashley Tia, Zoella.

>> We ventured out into the cold for a date night (finally) this weekend. C remembered this pizza place we'd been wanting to try that also happened to be BYOB - score! Bufalina is our new fave. The pizza was better than any we've had in New Haven and we've made the rounds. So good that after we finished one pie, we ordered one to-go to eat the next day!

>> After a handful of crockpot fails, I was beginning to wonder what in the world I was doing wrong. But, alas, I made pork ramen last night and finally got back on track with our slowcooker recipes. It turned out really delicious and makes for great leftovers.

>> We leave for the beach in 19 days and I could NOT be more excited. We had a great trip last March to Greece and Turkey but it was definitely travel vs. vacation. When we returned, I proclaimed that our next spring trip had to involve a beach and warm temps. My wish is coming true! Time to dig out the swimsuits!

>> I've been doing really well with my closet lately. I'm really committed to loving/wearing everything in there and it has forced me to let go of items that I was hanging onto for strange reasons (but what if I need those 7 white tees, or that blouse I spent $$ on!!). I've also been employing the 1 in 1 out rule. This has helped immensely because if I buy a new sweater, I know I need to let one go. If I can't part with any of the sweaters, then I don't need a new one. What's your rule for keeping your closet manageable? 


  1. My mom told me the 1:1 rule a while ago, and I think it's a good one! I don't always stick to it, but it's a good idea :) The beach sounds amazing right now! We're home today for a snow day too. My car is covered in a sheet of ice. I hope your February is treating you well! Stopping over from the Blue Dishes blog today.


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