monday musings.

>> It's monday which means, it's snowing again! I'm sort of kicking myself for wishing for snow back in early January. Now I'm really paying for it since we haven't just been getting nice, lovely, pretty gentle snow but we've been getting stop-the-presses, shut down the city snow. I'm grateful for the ability to work from home but dang, it gets boring!

are you sick of snow pictures yet...?
>> Happy February! This is such a great monday (my birth month) but I also feel like it's just a generally pretty month. Something about those 28 days...

>> We watched the big game with the Booth family last night and we had a great time. I made White Bean dip and Coconut Curry Cashews both from this cookbook. Then I made these cookies which were a big hit. C made his potentially now infamous guacamole. Meg made delish soup and the evening was a lot of fun. And those commercials, man! 

>> I picked up a few new products with various gift cards, coupons, and points I'd been saving up. I'll do a full post soon on my updated day/night skincare routine but for the time being here's the new stuff in the rotation: FAB Blemish Pads, Boscia Clarifying Tonic, One Love Organics Morning Glory, Tokyomilk Lip Balm (amazing!), Tarte Finishing Powder. I'm thinking of updating the "beauty" tab to reflect the products I'm currently using both skincare and makeup.

>> Finally got a library card so that I can borrow ebooks! It's pretty neat and I already put two books on hold! I like that I can start a book and if I end up not liking it, I don't feel guilty if I don't want to finish it because I didn't pay for it. 

>> I wrote some goals for January and I'm pretty happy to say that I kept all but one! I knitted (past tense??) something, write a note in calligraphy, finished a book...etc. I did not however, manage to work out 4x/week. But we didn't eat out for the whole month and I made a lot of healthy meals so I think it all balances out.

>> Do you have any fun Valentine's plans either with girlfriends or your significant other? I feel like it's not a big holiday for us since C's birthday is the end of Jan and mine is the end of Feb. But it's a long weekend this year so.... 

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