monday musings.

>> Love a good Monday holiday and even more excited that it's not snowing (though it did snow over the weekend). C has class so I saved up all my errands and random house things for today and it's been so great. I even scheduled a quick 30 minute facial for myself that was so lovely, despite getting sideswiped minutes before the appointment and losing our driver-side mirror. Ugh.

>> In true Thomas fashion, we spent the big holiday at home keeping it low key. We made these cocktails (um amazing), pasta from this cookbook, and nutella molten cakes. Everything was delicious and we even turned off almost all the lights to enjoy the meal by candlelight. We finished answering these questions together over dinner and then settled in to watch About Time (for a 2nd time) and really enjoyed it as much as we did the first time.

>> I'm really in a foundation rut. I've been a tinted moisturizer girl for quite some time before discovering this amazing mineral foundation over the summer. The powder just doesn't work for me in the winter and I've been looking for something that has more coverage than tinted moisturizer. I've tried a handful of these including Bare Minerals' new gel cream but I just can't seem to find the right thing that isn't loaded with chemicals. I'm giving this one from Clinique a try so we'll see how that goes. What do you love as your base?

>> After playing around with cocktail making this weekend, I was reminded how much I enjoy a new cocktail. We hardly ever make them at home but I always like to browse the menu when we're out for something new and unique. I'm also getting more encouraged to try things at home as well. I really love our bar cart and it's a great excuse to stock with with fun things to try out on the weekends. 

>> This app recently released all their tools for free and it's SO FUN (more on this later). Since recently inheriting C's iPad, I'm always looking for new fun apps to add to my collection. Do you have any that you love?

>> I read something recently about how often you should wash your towels and sheets and I was mortified. Let's just say, as soon as we have a washer/dryer in our house, I'll be doing a lot more laundry. Apparently 1x/week is unacceptable. Saving up quarters is such a hassle though which means I really try to limit how many loads I do. Ok so there you go, I basically just admitted to being really dirty. 

>> Has anyone seen Last Five Years yet with Anna Kendrick? I'm dying to see it (it's a musical) mostly because I'll see anything with Anna (or Reese for that matter) in it. 


  1. Hopping over from The Blue Dishes link party... love these Monday Musings! I'm in a foundation rut as well, so I'd love to hear your thoughts on the Clinique base after you've used it for awhile. So far, Nars has been the best splurge for my winter skin, but Revlon's Colorstay is a good dupe. :)

  2. Hi Mandy - thanks for stopping by! So I've been using the Clinique Even Better foundation for about a week now and I fell in love with it the 1st day I wore it. It is perfect, medium coverage that feels light and breathable. I was honestly amazed by it!


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