the switch to {mostly} all-natural makeup

If you've been hanging around here for awhile, you've probably heard me talk about my new fascination with all things all-natural. After a rude (skin) awakening this summer, I've been on a mission to pay closer attention to what I'm putting on my skin. 

I previously wrote about my favorite all-natural skincare products and hopefully you got inspired to look through your bathroom cabinet black holes and do a little cleaning. Not only have I adapted my skincare routine, but I've also overhauled my makeup regimen. Most of you can probably guess how "dirty" many mainstream make-up brands are - I mean, I was a die-hard Bobbi Brown fan (um her tinted moisturizer? heaven) but I've since stashed all these products to the back of my closet while I experiment with good-for-you products. 

So today, I'm finally letting you in on a little secret - you CAN wear all-natural makeup that DOES actually work. 

I mentioned this brand a few months ago and was pretty sure it was love at first sight. I've since expanded my collection of W3LL PEOPLE products and had plenty of time to give them a true test drive. 

So let's walk through my daily makeup application so you can get a feel for how all these products work together. Also, side note, I've never used mineral makeup before and didn't own a single loose powder so this process was entirely new to me. I'm happy to say, I'm a convert! 

So here's my routine:

  1. After cleansing and moisturizing, I apply the Altruist Mineral Foundation in 11 (Fair Pink). I just tap a little into the lid, press it into the kabuki brush, and sweep all over, focusing on the areas that need a little more coverage. 
  2. Dot Narcissist Stick Foundation in 1 (Fair Pink) under eyes, on eye lids, and anywhere that needs a little extra coverage. 
  3. Using either the Realist Mineral Setting Powder in 21 or the Bio Brightener Powder, I'll set everything focusing on areas where I applied the foundations stick. Both of these setting powders work great and it really just depends on my mood which one I reach for.
  4. Sweep bronzer over cheek bones and temples (a key area!) and along jawline. Blend, blend, blend. Bonus: this bronzer also doubles as a really pretty eye shadow so if I'm feeling fancy, I'll sweep a little on my lids (corners mostly). 
  5. Apply "blush of the moment" to apples of cheeks, blending toward ears. (I'm not currently using a WP blush mostly because I'm obsessed with the staying power of the Tarte blushes and they are OK on the chemical spectrum.)
  6. Line lash line with "liner of the moment" focusing on the upper waterline and smudging up a little. 
  7. Use the Bio Brightener Stick to apply a little glow to the bridge of my nose and the upper part of my cheekbones and sometime my inner eyes. This stuff is magic - I instantly look more awake.
  8. Finish everything off with a swipe of their tar-free mascara.
For some, this may seem like a lot of steps but I really enjoy the process of "getting ready" and I can get this all done in about 10 minutes. The other thing I will say, too, is that I didn't throw away my "other" makeup because 1) I paid money for that stuff and didn't want to waste it, and 2) I wasn't sure if I was going to love this new stuff so I wanted to have it on back up. However, I haven't dug into that bag once in the last few months so I think that's saying something! 

Do you have any natural makeup products that you love? I love discovering your favorites!

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