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I was reading this blog post and realized that it was time for a little clean out in my bathroom as well. I already have some decent storage solutions but they were starting to overflow with countless lotions, hair products, and random odds and ends. I love beauty and skincare products which means I have the unfortunate tendency of purchasing something new before something else is used up. The "old" products get shoved to the back, never to be touch again. But when it comes to clean out time, I can't seem to part with the product because I spent money on it and don't want to waste it. But more often than not, I don't even like the product and truth be told, it's probably expired (like WHY have I been holding onto the same cream blush for like 3 years now...I hate the texture and color but it's Bobbi Brown so you know it wasn't cheap!). Then I realized, I should do what I do with clothes...let friends dig through a giveaway bag! 

This post was also inspired by all those "look inside my fridge" posts. I really do think those are so interesting and figured you guys might like a look at my bathroom shelves and cabinets. I did my best to part with any and all products that were either probably expired or had been replaced with something I like better. What's left truly reflects the products I love and use regularly. 

First up, the shelves and countertop. Here are the products worth mentioning:

> Favorite body lotion: Origins Ginger Souffle
> Favorite face lotion: First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream
> Favorite scrub: One Love Organics Brand New Day Scrub
> Favorite resurfacer: First Aid Beauty Radiance Pads
> Favorite mask: Origins Out of Trouble Mask
> Favorite nighttime cleanser: One Love Organics Vitamin B Cleansing Oil
> Favorite morning cleanser: One Love Organics Apple a Day Cleanser (seasonal product but this one is awesome)
> Favorite fake glow: St. Tropez Gradual Tan Lotion
> Favorite texturizes: Oribe Texture & Beach Waves
> Favorite bar soap: African Black Soap (Fun tip: slice of a piece of bar soap and put in a baggie when traveling! No spilling!)

There are a lot of products here and I'm thinking I need to do another full post with my daily makeup routine especially since it changes a bit in the winter. A few things in this picture worth mentioning:

> Favorite blowout spray: Amika Bombshell Blowout Spray
> Favorite healing oil: Arrojo Healing Oil
> Favorite body oil: Honest Body Oil
> Favorite hair spray: Morrocan Oil Hair Spray
> Favorite lip treatment: BITE Lip Mask
> Favorite blush palette: Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush Palette
> Favorite tinted moisturizer: Tarte Tinted Moisturizer

Items not pictured: all the samples I keep in a bin for traveling, nail polish drawers (yes plural), hair appliances, and a few other beauty odds and ends. 

See anything you're curious about above? Comment below and I'll provide more info!

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