monday musings.

take me back to california!!

>> Woohoo! Three day weekend! I needed it badly after only having about 6 hours of a weekend last week. We made sure to have lots of downtime in between running a few errands. 

>> Saw American Soldier this weekend. So incredibly sad. Makes you really think about your life. Chris Kyle used to work in C's building and he'd see him on the elevator some days. I remember when it all happened and it was all over the headlines in Dallas. Such a terrible thing. 

>> Really loving this cookbook - made the Roasted Squash bowls and they were SO good. Definitely adding those to the rotation. 

>> Sunday was really gross, raining all day. We spent the afternoon with friends posted up in front of the fire watching football. I made these brownies again and they were a hit as usual. 

>> I also made a new pinterest board to capture all the recipes I've pinned that I've actually made. Not only will this help me keep track but you can also comment on the pin if you're curious about tips! 

>> We packed up a big box for Salvation Army this weekend. Feels good to part with the clutter. I've made it a point to tackle a drawer/shelf each week so that I can really edit the things we no longer need. I'm also trying my hardest to be more thoughtful with incoming purchases. 

>> Have you ever tested the temp on your slow cooker? I'm worried mine might be a little off because I feel like some of these recipes are turning out a little wonky. I also didn't know that taking off the lid drops the temp 15 degrees and could add 20 minutes of cooking time. So for all I know, it could be user error. 

>> Made Jessica's amazing granola for breakfasts this week. I, of course, had to try it this afternoon JUST to make sure it was ok. 

>> There was a sub at my yoga class today and the class was totally weird. Nothing was really flowing and my head was somewhere else. Also rap? Please no rap at yoga. I'm also REALLY annoyed with myself for letting the last few classes on my card expire. I'm usually SO good about that. 

>> What are your favorite iPad apps?

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  1. Rap in yoga? Ummmm... no thank you! Those brownies look amazing though - I'm not vegan (AT all) but I love Minimalist Baker!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Haley! Yea that rap was weird! The brownies are DELISH and I'm not vegan either. Her blog is the best!


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