monday musings.

>> It's strange. I don't have a single picture on my phone from this past week and I haven't posted on Insta since last sunday. It's like the last week of my life just...didn't happen. In fact, just now, I had to look back at my calendar and remember what the heck was going on. I'm actually a little miffed that I don't have any pictures considering we actually did some fun things that I'd like to remember! 

>> Last week was pretty low key. I've been doing my best to wrap up the Christmas shopping and we picked up a few more this this weekend. 

>> Thursday we dined Chez Booth and it was a blast. At the end of the night, we had been laughing so hard that my cheeks were sore, actually sore. You know that's a sign of a good night. Thanks Booths!

>> C graded finals Friday night so I spent some quality time with my couch, Apple TV, and a giant bowl of party mix. Caught up on all my shows and really took advantage of the down time. 

>> Saturday I made these pancakes and they were awesome. When C says "best ever" you know you're onto something. After running a few Christmas errands (finding the right tights is HARD), we cleaned ourselves up and headed out to two holiday parties. Both were a blast and we have no photographic evidence of our holiday outfits.

>> Sunday started off with leftover pancakes (amazing again), a few episodes of Lost (we're almost done with the whole series!), and lots of lounging. I did a little crafting of Christmas gifts as well. Also really excited to share what I made! Coffee with a friend and dinner at my mom's rounded out the evening. 

>> Only 3 work days left in 2014 for me!! That's NUTS!! Feeling a little anxious about getting everything done and dusted before closing up shop. We have a lot of travel coming up (starting Thursday) and all the logistics are making be a bit weary. Hopefully, it all goes smoothly. 

>> Please recommend your favorite podcasts!! We have a lot of driving time coming up and I could use some fuel. We've saved up the last few episodes of Serial and I've heard good things about This American Life. Any others you love?

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