monday musings.

>> If we're friends on Insta, you saw that our holiday break started a little early with a quick trip to Charlottesville, VA. Well the verdict is in people...we love Charlottesville. The town is adorable and the people are so sweet. In case you ever find yourself in the area, we stayed at The Boar's Head Inn and ate at Tavola and Brookville (both insanely delicious). 

>> After Charlottesville, we spent some time in Baltimore with C's family which was great. However, the movie Foxcatcher is NOT great. I'm sure it will win all kinds of awards but it just didn't do it for me. 

>> On somewhat of a whim, I got my hair highlighted today (balayage??) for the first time ever. It's  very very subtle. As I've gotten older, my hair has become darker and darker. I've always prided myself on having naturally highlighted blonde hair but it seems those days may be over. I'm obsessed with my stylist, Katherine, so I trust her with my life. She did a stunning job and now...I want more. All the blonde.

>> What did I do before I had podcasts in my life? I'm now obsessed after spending a collective 15+ hours in the car this weekend. My current favorite (after Serial of course) is The Lively Show. Go check out. I think I'll do a full post about my favorite podcasts later this week. 

>> We're headed to Cali just after Christmas and I'm so dang excited. I've been planning this trip for a long time and I'm kind of amazed that it's finally here. 60s and sunny...calling my name! 

>> What are your favorite holiday traditions? We always go to the 11pm Christmas Eve service at church and we always do stockings before gifts (where as C's family does them last). I'm looking forward to the more memorable traditions we'll create over the years. 

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