what i'm loving lately.

I've been somewhat at a loss for blogging topics mostly because I'm trying to work on living in the moment and also because I've just been so busy. However, I recently discovered a whole bunch of fun things and felt the need to shout it to the world. Also, the below picture has absolutely nothing to do with that I'm going to talk's just that I love this season because, holidays, smells, lights. 

>> Evernote...for recipe cataloging! 
I'm a recipe hoarder. If you've ever taken stock of my Pinterest account, you'll notice the plethora of recipes. I'm horrible because I also don't keep track of which one's I've tried...maybe I should start a board for that. Anywho, I also tear recipes out or clip them from all over the world. I've been keeping them in an unorganized binder that I never search through. ever. C convinced me that Evernote was the way to go because I could scan the recipe with my phone, and tag it so it would be searchable in Evernote. Best part? It syncs with all my 1 million devices so if I have an impulse to try a recipe while AT the grocery store, I can do it! I'm obsessed and already spent quite a bit of time snapping away. You need this. In general you need Evernote.

I already told you about this in Monday Musings but you know what, it's so good that it deserves another mention. If I haven't convinced you already, just go get it. Major color impact. Major hydration. Major major. Price tag justified. (I have Fleur Bleue)

This. app. is. cool. I read about it in January's issue of Real Simple (mags are always so ahead!) and new I had to have it. It's a huge undertaking on the front end but I'm excited about the possibilities. Basically, you photograph each piece of clothing you own and then enter all kinds of details such as price, size, brand, season, etc. Then you can put together "looks" and log what you wore each day. Additionally, there is a packing list function so that you can virtually pack for a trip without hunting through drawers. Additionally, if you enter a price for an item, the app will track the cost per wear based on how frequently you wear it. There are a whole bunch of other stats you can get as well. My plan of attack is to photograph each outfit when I take it off at the end of the day and then catch any missing pieces when I do laundry. I think this will make it more manageable without taking out EVERYTHING at once. 

>> The smell of Christmas, brought to you by Scentsy
Iced Pine. Spiced Berry. Cinnamon Spice. Basically all the flavors. These bad boys are amazing and smell like heaven, look adorable, and are less dangerous than fire. 

Oh and one thing I'm not loving...super dry skin (so rare for me) and serious static electricity...all up in my hair. Ugh!

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