monday musings.

>> After a whirlwind week helping induct our new 2014 Teach For America corps members, I was definitely ready for some quality couch time this weekend. (Shout out to T7!) I've been binge watching episodes of The Mindy Project...desperation. 

>> Saturday included wrapping up the final day of Induction as well as a trip to Ulta for this new eyeliner. I immediately went home and tested it out. Spoiler alert: It's so super amazing. I'm addicted. 

>> I managed to get out of bed at 10am on Sunday, just in time to scramble some eggs and stream church live! It's still amazing to me that I can plug into my church community in Dallas all the way from New Haven.

>> I attempted to use my purple shampoo to tint my hair lavender but it didn't work which was super disappointing after reading this promising post. However, this shampoo/conditioner is super amazing and makes my hair feel awesome even though it's not color treated. 

>> Yoga AND running happened on Sunday which is pretty amazing considering last week's track record. #2adays Running sucked and yoga was really hard (and weirdly hot?!). My class card expires soon so you know I'm super motivated to use that baby up asap. 

>> By the time 7pm rolled around, I basically undid all my exercising by consuming cheese and crackers for dinner along with two glasses of wine. Win some lose some. 

>> Off to Austin this week and couldn't be more excited!!! Anyone have any tips for spending the 4th in Austin? 

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