monday musings.

>> I went to my first spinning class this weekend at JoyRide in Westport. Whoa. It was an experience. I am definitely out of shape and my lungs were burning. I love that the room is dark because it keeps me focused on my own workout. The instructor was a little too "spiritual" for me - a workout is not typically a joyous experience for me so I don't love an instructor trying to encourage me to put "passion in my legs". Overall, I think I'd maybe go back but only every so often. It's expensive and far away. 

>> I also had the immense pleasure of catching up with my sweet friend and celebrating her "birth-gagement"! She recently had a birthday AND got engaged but I haven't had time to get together with her. It was a blast catching up and soaking up some sun on the beach. I was so excited to give her this book (so amazing for newly engaged folks) and I got her this adorable necklace from a fellow blogger!

>> After spinning, I had an impromptu tennis lesson with my mom. (2-a-days are definitely new to me...) It was so great to work on our technique with the instructor and I realized I wasn't that bad! Looking forward to playing with my mom more this summer...I haven't really played since I was a kid! 

>> I received my second Influenster VoxBox last week - the #VowVoxBox. All the items are geared towards brides and or bridesmaids. I really loved some of the items like a handy extra TideToGo pen, some nail polish, and delicious shaving cream. I'm excited to test out the rest of the products. (I received all these products for free for testing and sharing.)

>> This study guide finally arrived and I'm really looking forward to starting my first SheReadsTruth study. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the prints that came with the study guide and can't wait to frame them. 

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