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I first heard about the W3ll People make-up line while browsing the Birchbox website. I was intrigued by the "good for you" ingredients since I'm always looking to swap out products that aren't so awesome for my body (hello parabens and sulfates!). I figured if Birchbox was endorsing them, it had to be worth checking out.

While driving down Lamar in Austin, I noticed a store front that featured the W3ll People logo. I had no idea they had a store but I knew I had to go. Upon entering, I was warmly greeted by Kelly. I noticed the store featured other all-natural products aside from W3ll People cosmetics. Kelly gave me a quick overview of the cosmetic line and tested out a few finishing powders on my skin. I loved the feel and the fact that the products aren't filled with chemicals. I knew I couldn't leave without purchasing this setting powder in Light.

I also started getting curious and asked Kelly about her other favorite products in the line. She was excited to tell me all about their renowned Narcissist Stick. Unfortunately, because of their success through Birchbox, she was out of stock but assured me I'd get a phone call when she had more in stock. In case you're curious, she recommend No. 1 for me and I'll be ordering very soon.

Since Kelly clearly had all the answers, I asked her if she had a favorite spot treatment since the store also carried skincare products. Without hesitation, Kelly grabbed this product and started dabbing it all over my face. After proclaiming her love for Arcona's 'Tabula Rasa', she sold me when she said it was only $26. Ladies, that is a STEAL for a good spot treatment. I've used it 3 times now, morning and night, and I swear I can already see a difference. Bye Bye angry skin (Kelly's term!)!

I was falling in love with this place by the minute! I even managed to have my first eyebrow threading experience (life.changed.) that ended with the most glorious forehead massage.

So head's up Austin friends/visitors, make sure you stop into W3ll People next time you're there. It's a one stop shop for all things all natural including perfumes (they happen to carry my very favorite!), deodorant, and haircare.

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